By David F. Williams

There was a speedy growth of task within the box of biomaterials and comparable scientific units, either in medical phrases and in scientific and advertisement functions. the writer of this e-book has been influential in atmosphere the traditional for the actual definition of a few of the phrases used, and specifically his definition of biocompatibility, agreed at a 1987 convention, has been authorized world wide. The publication provides definitions and motives of 6000 phrases used not just within the fields of biomaterials and clinical units, but additionally in fabrics technology, organic sciences, and scientific drugs and surgical procedure.

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Noun, dentistry Heinemann Dental alumino-silicate any compound of alumina, silica and bases, with water of hydration in some cases. noun, materials science Larousse Science Notes: Used in the form of glasses or glass-ceramics as components in the preparation of certain dental cements and ¢lling materials. aluminosis pneumoconiosis due to the presence of aluminium-bearing dust in the lungs. noun, medicine Dorland Medical alveolar relating to the alveolus. adjective, dentistry Heinemann Dental alveolar arch the bow shape of the alveolar process of either the maxilla or the mandible.

Noun, surgery Williams 2. correction of bony defects with tissue graft or biomaterial. noun, surgery Heinemann Dental 3. alteration to the size and/or form of the breast by means of an implantable device, or injection of a substance, or other surgical procedure. noun, surgery Williams Pag e 30 aural route of administration of a drug or device through the ear. adjective, medicine Szycher’s Biomaterials auricle £ap of the ear. noun, anatomy Dorland Medical auscultation act of listening for sounds within the body.

Adjective, chemistry Szycher’s Biomaterials amniotic £uid liquid within the amnion that bathes the developing foetus and protects it from mechanical injury. noun, medicine Dorland Medical amphotericin B antibiotic derived from strains of Streptomyces nodosus. noun, pharmacology Dorland Medical amorphous 1. having no de¢nite form; shapeless. adjective, general Dorland Medical 2. term describing a material without the periodic, ordered structure of crystalline solids. adjective, materials science Larousse Science amorphous metal material with good conductivity, electrical and thermal, and with other metallic properties but with atomic arrangements that are not periodically ordered as in crystalline metallic solids.

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