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The isthmus varies considerably in size and is not always easily defined. In this scan it is slightly enlarged. THE THYRIOD AND ADJACENT SOFT TISSUES OF THE NECK Cricoid cartilage 25 Strapmuscles ^ Thyroid Trachea Sternocleido­ mastoid Strap muscles Internal jugular vein X TV^S '5%'Longus colli -^J-V^ Common ' carotid artery Fig. 3 Reverberation artefacts High transverse section taken approximately at the level of the cricoid cartilage. The superior aspect of the lobes of the thyroid is seen at this level.

6 Sternocleido­ mastoid Sagittal section lateral to the thyroid. The common carotid artery is displayed as a tubular structure, and can be identified by its arterial pulsation. ) Skin: water bath interface Sternocleido­ mastoid Scalene muscles Fig. 7 Internal jugular vein Sagittal scan ofthe internal jugular vein. 6. ) 4 THE BREAST William J. Garrett ECHOGRAPHY OF THE NORMAL BREAST The mammary gland consists of glandular tissue distributed in lobules with connecting fibrous tissue and a variable quantity of fatty tissue in the intervals betv^een the lobules.

11), it is now directed backwards and upwards towards the left atrium. Chordae tendineae to both mitral leaflets are visible; they are aligned in the axis of the posterior papillary muscle. THE HEART Right ventricular anterior wall Right ventricular cavity Tricuspid valve Interventricular septum 43 Left ventricular antero lateral ( f r e e ) wall Anterior . papillary muscle Chordae "tendineae Mitral valve Posterior papillary muscle Fig. 13 'Short' axis linear array scan through left ventricular papillary muscles: mid-systole.

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