By Philip Steele

From how those treasures have been created, misplaced, and exposed through explorers and scientists, Eyewitness Treasure takes a glance on the big range of worthy items which were the seeds of greed, conquest, crime, and event over the background of humankind.

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Today’s experts can even reconstruct the sounds of the past with these objects. These two bells were made at very different times, showing how knowledge was passed on from one generation to the next in Chinese civilization. 50 Engraving depicting an elephant CLUES FROM A CAULDRON This panel is from a silver-plated cauldron found at Gundestrup, Denmark. Made after 120 Żżžit depicts gods and warriors from Celtic Europe, but the metal and workmanship suggest it may have originated in southeast Europe or western Asia.

Divider or compass for measuring distances on a chart 100-ton cradle hoist Navigational instruments salvaged from the Mary Rose Protractor for checking the ship’s course on a chart Diving mask allows the diver to see clearly under water SHIVER ME TIMBERS! In 1982, the timbers of an old English warship were raised from the bottom of the sea. The Mary Rose, the pride of King Henry VIII’s navy, sank in 1545. Items discovered on board included weapons, armor, lanterns, coins, dice, and medical equipment.

It was plundered by the British army in Ghana in 1874. Such treasures are often a vital part of the culture of a nation or people. Their ownership, and the question of where they should be displayed, is a matter of fierce debate in our own times. Should they be returned to the cultures that originally made them? WHO OWNS A WRECK? Bold decorative goldwork 53 In 2008, a US marine exploration company found a shipwreck off the Channel Islands. It was the first HMS Victory (above), which sank in 1744.

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