By John F. McDonald (auth.), J. F. McDonald (eds.)

In the summer season of 1992 a unusual crew of molecular, inhabitants and evolutionary geneticists assembled at the campus of the collage of Georgia in Athens, united states to debate the relevance in their study to the position performed by means of transposable components (TEs) in evolution. The assembly consisted of a sequence of casual discussions of matters cited in papers written through the members and dispensed between them sooner than the assembly. those papers and the transcripts of the consequent discussions are provided during this volume.

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The Dsl transposable element acts as an intron in the mutant allele Adhl-Fm335 and is spliced from the message. Nucleic Acids Res. 16: 3315-3328. , 1987. The origin and function of intervening sequences in DNA: a review. Am. Nat. 130: 915-928. , 1989. 375-411 in Mobile DNA, edited by D. Berg and M. Howe, Washington, DC, Am. Soc. Microbiol. , S. R. Wessler & M. Shure, 1983. Isolation of the transposable maize controlling elements Ac and Os. Ce1l35: 235-242. , 1989. Eukaryotic transposable elements and genome evolution.

Maydica 36: 317-322. , 1991b. The maize transposable Dsl element is aIternatively spliced from exon sequences. Mol. Cel!. Biol. 11: 6192-6196. , G. Baran & M. Varagona, 1987. The maize transposable element Ds is spliced from RNA. Seien ce 237: 916918. , G. Baran, M. Varagona & S. Dellaporta, 1986. Excision of Ds produces waxy proteins with a range on enzymatic activities. EMBO J. 5: 2427-2432. J. F. ), Transposable Elements and Evolution, 37-39, 1993. © 1993 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Discussion Wessler Lyttle: Do I understand that you now have Spm in its deleted form being able to serve as a regulatory site for expression of the Bz gene?

It was originally believed that transposable elements had to have splice sites at their termini in order to function as introns (Cavalier-Smith, 1985). None of the examples presented here resemble these idealized intron-elements; in all cases, impreeise splieing of element sequences alters transcripts and leads to modifications in 5' leader sequences (adhl-Fm335, y76d28, vk) or in protein structure (wx-m9, wx-ml, wxB4, bz-m13, a2-mI). Given that these transposable element introns are less than perfect, is it reasonable to suggest that 35 they playa role in the origin of introns?

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