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Greek Religion: Archaic and Classical

This is often the 1st significant synthesis of Greek faith to seem for a iteration. A basically established and readable survey for classical students and scholars, it is going to even be as a rule welcomed because the most sensible glossy account of any polytheistic non secular procedure. The textual content builds up a magnificent and coherent photo of the present nation of information in regards to the faith of the traditional Greeks.

A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284–641 (2nd Edition)

The second one variation of A heritage of the Later Roman Empire good points huge revisions and updates to the highly-acclaimed, sweeping ancient survey of the Roman Empire from the accession of Diocletian in advert 284 to the dying of Heraclius in 641.

• contains a revised narrative of the political heritage that formed the overdue Roman Empire
• contains large alterations to the chapters on nearby background, specially these with regards to Asia Minor and Egypt
• bargains a renewed review of the decline of the empire within the later 6th and 7th centuries
• locations a bigger emphasis at the army deficiencies, cave in of nation funds, and position of bubonic plague in the course of the Europe in Rome’s decline
• contains systematic updates to the bibliography

Boats of the World: From the Stone Age to Medieval Times

This is often the 1st e-book to deal comprehensively with the archaeology of rafts, boats, and ships from the Stone Age to Medieval instances. all of the areas of the realm are coated, from Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, and the Pacific.

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Such a monster was easily associated with worries over science in general and atomic energy in particular. Reporters liked to say that radioactivity 37 T H E S E C R E T , T H E M A S T E R , A N D T H E M O N S T E R would be a “docile servant of mankind,” but people began to wonder whether such servants would stay docile. ”7 Even better at carrying such warnings was the golem’s offspring, the mechanical robot. After all, it was technology that actually took away people’s jobs, mangled them in wars, and insulted the countryside.

The symbolic associations between secret forces and victimization were described most fully by people who specialized in fear, that is, paranoiacs. It was common among paranoid schizophrenics to think about the end of the world, to feel a paralyzing loneliness as if they were lost in a frozen waste, to envision cosmic battles and revelations, and at the center of it all to see themselves, chosen for survival and rebirth to restore the life of the universe. Epileptic fits and hallucinogenic drugs could bring forth similar overwhelming images, while much the same visions came to apocalyptic mystics from medieval times onward, and sometimes to more ordinary poets and writers.

When doctors reported that atomic rays could heal, they seemed only to confirm that radioactivity meant life-force. ” 25 R A D I U M : E L I X I R O R P O I S O N ? If electricity was becoming a humdrum household matter, then the mysteries once associated with it could be transferred to radioactivity, where they seemed to fit even better. 4 A power great enough to transfigure flesh could also destroy it: the death ray. Like other radiation themes, this idea had a long history of emotive associations.

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