By Ronald William Clark

An outline of the strategic and tactical operations of the bomver from the times of ballooning to the current.

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The punch they were capable of delivering was very much weaker than that required to cripple a major industrial country; they were far too vulnerable to daylight A Lockheed Hudson flying above^rtieDunkirk evacuation fleet, 1940 Above Squadrons of Junkers 86 K bombers : Right: A Stuka dive-bomber in action Opposite above bomber : A German attacking enemy columns Opposite below: A Dornier 17 rr / i Above: Heinkel 111 above the Silvertown area of the London Docks during the Battle of Britain Right : German bomber above the Channel Islands way to Britain 58 on its which limited their usefulness ; and when night-bombing the crews had as little navigational training as the British, and while extremely ingenious beam-navigation devices were developed, the 'beam-bending' operations of British scientists attack unless escorted, a fact it came to when massive targets such as be found.

Together with a sizeable number of French troops, was successfully brought across the English Channel to fight again. Hemmed into a small bridgehead, surrounded by Field-Marshal Rundstedt's armoured divisions, the Allied troops seemed to face an inevitable end. At the last minute, however, Rundstedt's divisions were halted. F. is plausible. Kesselring's Luftflotte 2 was given the task and throughout the next few days Junkers and Heinkel bombers based in France, Holland and Germany attacked Dunkirk, its harbour, and the beaches east and west without respite.

F. had got away, even though the fighters protecting it had been operating at Lancastria, evacuating 6,000 troops the full extent of their range. F. - Back Every Friday as the troops now called it continued for roughly a year, beginning with an attempt to win air superiority over southern Britain, an essential forerunner to a successful The campaign changed into an attack on an attempt to wipe out Britain's aircraft industries, cross-Channel crossing. London, then and into finally into attacks receiving its than one series on the ports through which the country was The various phases overlapped, more could be claimed to have had two objectives, essential supplies.

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