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In fact this being the like of giving birth to a child, where the age of the mother is irrelevant once the new seed of life is created and once the child is born, even though; the new child carries some of the same DNA fingerprint of the parents. The new life has its own cycle of life and its own timing. Therefore the theories of Big Bang and M-11 as has been proposed in the past and present have no meaning and have no parallel principles in the physical world of creation of universe. One does not see the same Big Bang , when the atoms and neutron go through division or decay, hence this cannot be the same in the division of universes too.

In the process of the movement of pmf one has to understand that the interaction of magnetic fields and the repulsion of the similar magnetic field poles of the pmf of matters of the universe leads to creation of the repulsion forces of the universe, thus leading to its so called separation of its matters and what is called the expansion of the universe. While the interaction of opposite polarities of the same magnetic fields leads to creation of the gravitational field forces of the universe and universe cannot exceed its magnetospheric interaction size, where this is the maximum fields balance between the gravitational and Magnetic fields of the universe, and at the same time the mass of universe will remain the same as the mass is the balance fields between the gravitational fields and Magnetic field strength of the universe.

Fig. 19 The Principal Light inside a black hole. • The existence of the principle fields and matters in the centre of the universe with its strong gravitational fields is the reason as it seems that the Principal star is eating everything and absorbing everything this being rays or matters, where in fact it is the gravitational field forces of the Principal matter in the centre of this dark spot which are creating these large pulling fields. • The size of the Principal star in the centre of the pulm is the combination of gravitational fields and Magnetic fields forces or the field’s strength of the Magravs of the Principal matter content of the Principal star.

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