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Bid them both hither to the Rhine. If they come, I and my wife will cease not to be beholden to them. Or midsummer is here, he and his knights will find among us many to do them worship. Greet King Siegmund also from me, and say that I and my friends are his true servants; and entreat my sister that, without fail, she ride hither to her friends. Ó Brunhild and Uta, and their women, commended them to the fair women and the bold men at SiegfriedÕs court. So the envoys made haste to do the kingÕs bidding.

The kingÕs servants rested not. And Ortwin and Gary sent messengers out straightway to GuntherÕs liegemen over all, with news of the hightide. The maidens looked to their apparel. The palace and all the walls were decked out for the guests, and adorned cunningly for the stranger knights. All the roads were thronged with the kinsmen of the three kings, that had been summoned to welcome Gunther and Brunhild, and many a rich vest was taken from its wrapping-cloth. Then the news spread, that 43 BrunhildÕs friends had been spied on the way.

Scarce could he wait till they rose from the table. Fair Kriemhild and also Brunhild were led to their chambers. Ha! what bold knights went before the queens! Joyful and without hate Siegfried the knight sat sweetly, beside his beautiful wife. With her white hand she caressed his, till, she knew not how, he vanished from before her eyes. When she played with him and saw him no longer, she said to her maidens, ÒI marvel much where the king is gone. Ó And so the matter dropped. He had gone where he found the chamberlains with the lights, which he began to put out.

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