By G. A. Chebotarev (auth.), G. A. Chebotarev, E. I. Kazimirchak-Polonskaya, B. G. Marsden (eds.)

The many papers by means of Soviet authors were translated into English by means of A. P. Kirillov, N. A. Nikiforova, E. A. Voronov, and others. many of the papers have been trans­ lated by way of the authors themselves. The dialogue documents were ready on the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy through V. ok. Abalakin, N. A. Belyaev, A. P. Kirillov, V. A. Shor, E. A. Voronov, N. S. Yakhontova, and others. the 3 papers released in French were conscientiously checked through B. Milet. the ultimate modifying has been performed on the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and we thank J. H. Clark, P. D. Gregory, J. E. Kervick, and G. Warren for retyping a lot of the cloth. Our specified thank you are as a result of D. Reidel Publishing corporation for the superb care they've got taken in printing those complaints of IAU Symposium No. forty five. G. A. CHEBOT AREV E. I. KAZIMIRCHAK-POLONSKA Y A B. G. MARSDEN advent the assumption to arrange a Symposium on 'The movement, Evolution of Orbits, and beginning of Comets' dates again to the IAU 13th basic meeting, held in 1967 in Prague. as a result of the impossibility of finishing in the course of the basic meeting the dialogue at the challenge of orbital evolution of comets Professor G. A. Chebotarev, then the newly elected President of IAU fee 20, initiated the association of the foreign symposium in Leningrad the place the complete scope of cometary difficulties can be thought of from the point of view of celestial mechanics.

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Substituting Equation (6) into the series of Equation (5), it can be shown with the use of Bessel functions that Equation (5) may be transformed into CPo sm . (. sm . ): ~ij cos 11 + ] cos 1--00 n 1-0 I a . U Ie • (7) Equations (3c) and (7) yield the first-order perturbation {Sr}o. The position vector {rh is given by Equation (3d), accurate to first order. Series with the eccentric anomaly of the perturbed body as one argument, as in the series of Equation (7), have often been used in methods of general perturbations to obtain first-order perturbations (see Hansen, 1857; Herget, 1948).

The coefficients, here and cos in the following series, are vector quantities. Let ,n' . I = - (u - eo sm no U - + e, , e) (6) where n' is the mean motion of the planet, and e and e' define the mean anomalies of the comet and planet, respectively, at an epoch. If we choose the epoch at a perihelion passage of the comet, then, e = 0° and e' is equal to the mean anomaly of the planet at this epoch. Substituting Equation (6) into the series of Equation (5), it can be shown with the use of Bessel functions that Equation (5) may be transformed into CPo sm .

The Molion, Evolution of Orbits, and Origin of Comets, 16-21. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1972 by the IAU. COMETARY BRIGHTNESS VARIATIONS AND CONDITIONS IN INTERPLANETARY SPACE 18811U I 88_ 1886 II m ,. , ,I' V"', \,_ " '- .. XI 20 I II I I V :,1Pv. 1 -0 Fig. IIl Q- 17 18 D. A. ANDRIENKO ET AL. IX 1911 U ~l ~~ ,.. IV , , ',VI 2Co J9 ID -0 1930 II C III , 20 6 12 . V 10 17 25 -0 Fig. Ig-j Fig. la-j. Correlation of geomagnetic disturbances (solid lines) with brightness variations (broken lines) for ten comets.

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