By Enrique Martínez-Gonz´lez, Patricio Vielva (auth.), J.C. Del Toro Iniesta, E.J. Alfaro, J.G. Gorgas, E. Salvador-Solé, H. Butcher (eds.)

The publication gathers the invited talks to the XIII JENAM convention, prepared this time by means of the eu Astronomical Society (EAS) and the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA), and hosted by means of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC). All branches of astrophysics are encompassed from the biggest scales and cosmology to the sun procedure and the solar, in the course of the galaxies and the celebrities, together with a bit on astronomical instrumentation. Very suitable specialists from around the world communicate in one ebook in regards to the most modern, fascinating effects from their fields in a fashion that is necessary for either researchers in those fields and associates operating in different disciplines. The booklet is followed by way of a CD-ROM together with the remainder contributions of the assembly in PDF structure, accordingly beginning a large landscape of what's occurring in astrophysics nowadays.

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Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. , Srednicki M. , 1994, ApJ, 421, 5 Seljak U. , 1996, ApJ, 469, 437 Seljak U. , 2005, Phys. Rev. , 1968, ApJ, 151, 459 Smoot G. F. , 1992, ApJL, 396, L1 Spergel D. N. A. , 1972, Comm. Astrophys. , Hu W. , 2000, ApJ, 530, 133 Tegmark M. , 2004a, ApJ, 606, 702 Tegmark M. , 2004b, Phys. Rev. L. , Vielva P. L. , Barreiro R. , Hobson M. , Lasenby A. , Sanz J. L. L. , Martínez-González E. J. , 2005, ApJ, submitted, astro-ph/0503714 Zaldarriaga M. , 1997, Phys. Rev. fr Abstract In this paper, I review some recent developments in the framework of gravitational lensing, mainly devoted to clusters of galaxies and large scale structures.

Right) Results of the χ2 analysis after the modeling of the cluster A2218. The expected degeneracy is nicely recovered. Looking at magnified galaxies Clusters of galaxies act as giant gravitational telescopes. This idea has been extensively used to benefit from the magnification effect and to detect very faint objects which would be un-observable out of the lens. 30 THE MANY SCALES IN THE UNIVERSE A recent and spectacular breakthrough was the detection of very high redshift galaxies behind cluster lenses.

2) are summarized in Table 1; these characteristics largely drive the quality of the final maps. These maps will not only include the CMB itself, but also all other astrophysical foregrounds, whether galactic (free-free, synchrotron or dust) or extragalactic in origin. All ten Planck sky maps will be used to produce a single map of the Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies. The key that allows to reach this objective is the wide spectral coverage achieved by Planck. Each astrophysical foreground has a distinct (albeit at present poorly known) spectral characteristic.

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