By Laurence Gardner

From the best-selling writer of The Bloodline of the Holy Grail and misplaced secrets and techniques of the Sacred Ark comes an explosive historic detective tale featuring mystery files at the mysterious lifetime of Mary Magdalene, the hidden lineage of Jesus and Mary, and the true two-thousand-year-old conspiracy concerning the total historical past of Christianity. Mary Magdalene is defined within the New testomony as Jesus' shut spouse -- a lady he enjoyed and his monetary sponsor. And but, against this, the Church teaches that she was once a prostitute who grew to become repentant. Why the discrepancy among scripture and dogma? Why does Mary charm so romantically to artists who've painted her through the centuries as whatever even more major than the Church regularly portrays? what's the mystery of Mary Magdalene and what sort of will we particularly learn about her courting with Jesus? have been they married? Did they've got little ones, and if that is so, who makes up the messianic lineage?Laurence Gardner takes us on a detective path to piece jointly the real arguable value of the Magdalene tale and its wonderful implications. those contain the genuine da Vinci connection -- the genuine which means in the back of Leonardo da Vinci's work and why the Renaissance Church censored portrayals of the Magdalene -- and knowledge at the sacred marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Plus the reality in regards to the enigmatic Templar society referred to as the Priory of Scion and the underground circulate that secure the sacred history of the messianic descendents. and lots more and plenty extra!

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Like so many others, she would have remained an important, but incidental, character in the Christian story. Yes, there were indeed historically supportive groups who championed the legacy of the Magdalene, but little of this was ever secret. Mary Magdalene posed a considerable threat to the Church. The bishops knew it, the monks knew it, organizations such as the Templars knew it, and many people at large knew it. The fact is that one does not need to access conspiratorial records or secret society archives to discover the truth of Mary Magdalene.

Upon marriage, however, the women were released from the charge of the seven demons (or devils), which meant in effect that the rules of celibacy no longer applied. 12 What we glean from this is that, when the seven devils 'went out' of Mary Magdalene, she was being released from conventual ties in order to marry. Magdalene Heritage While on the subject of names, we should also look at the name Magdalene. It is sometimes spelt Magdalen, and has the European variants Maddalena and Madeleine. It is commonly suggested that Magdalene derives from the place name Magdala, and they do indeed have the same root in migdal, meaning 'tower'.

38 APOCALYPSE By way of later Roman influence, a new cross was devised - the upright Latin cross of St Peter's Church, with its high crossbar. At that time, the original device became a sign of heresy in the eyes of Rome. As a result, this heretical connotation has been perpetuated to this day as being associated with flesh and the devil - as in X-rated movies. Indeed, its anti-establishment significance has been indoctrinated in schools through the simple process of using X to mean 'wrong'. Even though the cross of St Peter's crucifixion in AD 64 was Latinized to resemble the standard design for the cross of Jesus, the tradition of Peter's brother Andrew was maintained by the original X, which became known as St Andrew's cross.

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