By Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Hugely motivated by means of the paintings of Gerald Massey and Godfrey Higgins, Kuhn contended that the Bible derived its origins from different Pagan religions and lots more and plenty of Christian heritage was once pre-extant as Egyptian mythology. He additionally proposed that the Bible used to be symbolic and didn't depict genuine occasions, and argued that the leaders of the church began to misread the bible on the finish of the 3rd century. Many authors together with Tom Harpur and John G. Jackson have been prompted via the works of Kuhn. Harpur even devoted his best-selling 2004 publication, "The Pagan Christ" to Kuhn, calling him "a guy of big studying or even better braveness" and "one of the only maximum geniuses of the 20 th century" [who] "towers notably others of contemporary reminiscence in mind and his knowing of the world's religions." Harpur notes that Kuhn gave approximately 2,000 public lectures which have been long, particular and well-attended, yet means that Kuhn's self-publishing could have ended in a scarcity of realization to his paintings.

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A student graduates creditably from a college he is presumed acquired a mastery over the field of knowledge covered in his When to have Human life is a school, and why should not its graduates be have over the of range gained mastery presumed knowledge which it covers, and to be able to write authoritatively upon it ? Humans must course. to attain the goal, the prize of the high calling of God in crown the of illumination, glorious intelligence. Life's school Christly issues no diploma of graduation without attainment, for the at some time graduation We have here the ground for the only sane acceptance of the ancient scriptures as books of accredited wisdom.

The truth must combat untruth on both these fronts, rebuffing a philosophy that denies the ideal frame of things, and rebuking an eccentric religionism that distorts early truth into revolting irrationality. To redeem religion from tingly saved On the one ignominy ticism. it is necessary to stigmatize its historical caricature, ecclesiasbe declared on its falsities to vindicate its truth. War must Medieval and modern incrustations, excrescences and abnormalities of a hundred types must be brushed away, if the brilliance of the splendid original creation of supernal genius is to shine forth theology and "divine philosophy" must be vindicated.

But philosophy is and inexorably the mind's grasp of a set of formulas of meanwhich array the data of experience into a meaningful pattern, or ings structural design, which design must eventually match the outline of the archetypal noumenal thought form projected by Cosmic Mind for this area of creation. Harmony with this immanent pattern is the insistent demand, as well as the touchstone and seal of truth. The lower mind in man, being a fragment of cosmic intellect, is by nature keen to recognize and register, by an expansive pleasure, the concord of its ideas with the overshadowing form of truth.

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