By J H Donner; Richard de Weger; Tim Krabbé; et al

This is often the main outrageous chess booklet that cash should purchase! Dutch readers have the writing of the mythical, past due J. H. Donner for many years. Witty, opinionated, occasionally cranky, he was once by no means dull -- constantly enjoyable to learn. here's a choice of his most sensible essays translated into English. We name it the Chess publication of the Century. constrained printing

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The attacker tried to advance by way of his opponent's weaknesses; the defender had to protect these weaknesses. The most extensively calculated, the most profound plan is what a chess player took pride in and relied on to achieve the certainty of success . A player such as Lasker, who brought many makers of plans to despair, also adhe red to the methodical , the plan-like nature of chess. Because his planning w as rather defensive and because he often went for the most unsightly combina­ t io n s, Tarrasch reproached him for 'merely moving the pieces about ' .

DE TIJD 1 FEBRU A R Y 1 95 8 T H E PRO P HE T FR O M M U G G E N S T U R M Emil Josef Diemer's appearance doesn 't suggest a m an who i s prepared to have a good laugh at himself from time to time. His gaunt shape clothed in a suit clearly indicating he has given up the idea that appearances could possibly matter, his pointed beak conspicuously jutting out and a twisted grin around his toothless 28 mouth - that's how he moves about, with a slightly dancing gait. He is the type of man - we all know the sort - who is always knocking cups off the table.

The best part of the book, Sieabert Tarrasch: Lehrmeister der Schachwelt (Siegbert Tarrasch: Teacher of the Chess World), are the quotations taken from Tarrasch himself. But it is a pleasant experience to see such admiring appreciation for once. It had become too much of a fashion to revile the great educator, the ' Praeceptor Germaniae ' , as he called himself. It is true Tarrasch had the tendency to take a scientific approach to chess . His firm belief in logic made an impression of conceitedness .

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