By Mark Guscin

A twin of Edessa was once a picture of Christ, which, in response to culture, was once of astounding beginning. It used to be taken from Edessa to Constantinople in 944, and disappeared from identified historical past within the aftermath of the Fourth campaign in 1204. It generated, besides the fact that, an unlimited quantity of literature and enormous quantities of copies in church buildings all around the Byzantine global. This ebook is a learn of the literature, work, icons and different elements relating to a twin of Edessa. It examines the way it used to be used as a device to specific Christs humanity and for numerous different reasons, and the way a number of the similar literature turned thoroughly decontextualised and used as a paranormal attraction, in particular within the West.

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B Me &vaxrlcpr*w Di1 22 Kal enctS&v &vaxrlp*iu om. P2 µe B, avaxrlcp"vaL is xal Me ooL om. Es evav Pa I I I I I I THE NARRATIO DE IMAGINE EDESSENA 19 sat down, not far from where the Lord was speaking. He was able to distinguish the Lord among the crowd as he stood out from the people, and immediately set his eyes on Jesus and his hand to the parchment, and started to copy the likeness of what he could see. 5 Christ realised in his spirit what was happening and called Thomas 6 over. "Go over there", he said, "and bring me the man sitting on the rock and painting my form.

X Iv ML3 Va Mi3 ML2 Va I ouQevaavtL Pr 28-p. 1 tov KvQLov] tov 'Irloov Pa axxov] axXov Es 27 0 om. C I I I I I THE NARRATIO DE IMAGINE EDESSENA 17 Abgar's letter to Jesus according to X Iv ML2 ML3 Mi3 Abgar the ruler of Edessa to Jesus the saviour, the good healer who has appeared in the city of Jerusalem-greetings. I have heard about you and your cures, that you carry out without medicine or herbs. It is said 5 that you give sight to the blind, make the crippled walk, the deaf hear, you cleanse lepers and cast out unclean demons by your word, you cure those who are tortured by lengthy illnesses, you healed the woman with a haemorrhage who touched you, and you raise the dead.

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