By E. Haldeman-Julius

E. Haldeman – Julius used to be essentially a mail order, direct advertising publication vendor who offered 1000's of thousands of books. it is a tremendous tale and so much of what he deals during this e-book remains to be proper this day. i take advantage of it as my basic device for brainstorming booklet and article titles.

E. Haldeman-Julius tells every little thing approximately his business.

Highly steered for writers, publication authors, e-book sellers.

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This e-book is set getting wealthy by way of changing into much better on the promoting technique than your opponents. What it's not is the type of warmed-over, cliché-ridden recommendation you discover replicated in a jillion different books on promoting. Dan Kennedy might by no means have it that way.

He deals a suite of No B. S. techniques for overcoming hindrances to luck, a lot of them self-imposed. Provocative, sarcastic, and irreverent, the e-book reads just like the seminars Kennedy conducts all over the world - occasions that reason a stampede to the again of the corridor for his fabrics after he finishes his presentation.


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It was the second to be added to the list. Basing hopes on the success of these two, many others were added; too many, as I tell in another place. Other Ancient Classics Page #64 The First Hundred Million – E. Haldeman - Julius People are curious to know how Plato and his Socratic dialogues, and some of the other classical selections from antiquity, sell as compared with other books in the series. The figures, though often low when placed against the sales figures for more popular books, are still large enough to amaze many readers.

The figures, though often low when placed against the sales figures for more popular books, are still large enough to amaze many readers. For example, here are the sales totals (annual, remember) for some books frequently regarded as "dry," and thought I destined to be read only by professors and other pedants: Meditations (Golden Sayings) of Marcus Aurelius 22,500 copies Trial and Death of Socrate 15,000 copies Plato’s Republic 13,500 copies Decadent Rome As Seen by Tacitus and Juvenal 12,000 copies Dialogues of Plato 8,000 copies Xenophon’s Memorabilia of Socrates 6,000 copies Moral Discourses of Epictetus 6,000 copies Morals of Seneca 5,000 copies Cicero As Revealed in His Letters 4,000 copies It certainly speaks well for American readers to buy 22,500 copies of a book of the thoughts of an ancient Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, whose works, though remembered by the embellishment of a Slittering title—Golden Sayings one would think likely to be little read in modern circles.

But it is healthy laughter, and of course it has its foundations in fact. Humor could not exist without a basis of common humanity, and by laughing at our superiors—at these professional highbrows—we, as well as our inferiors, can recognize, whether consciously or not, a universal kinship. Other jokebooks have wide favor, as follows: Best Jokes About married Life 45,500 copies Best Jokes About Lovers 35,000 copies Best Jokes About Kissing 33,000 copies Best Hobo Jokes 23,000 copies Best Ford Jokes 22,500 copies Best Jokes About Drunks 18,500 copies Best Rube Jokes 11,000 copies Mr.

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