By A. J. D. Porteous, R. D. Maclennan, G. E. Davie

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From then on, until Taylor's resignation in 1941, Philosophy in Edinburgh was represented by two of the most distinguished names in philosophical scholarship. But the two men, though both Idealists in philosophy, were of very different outlook, training and temperament. During Kemp Smith's first year in his Chair various changes were made in the syllabus and in the structure of the Department. The name of the Ordinary degree dass was changed from 'Logic and Philosophical Introduction' to 'Philosophy': and a new three-term Intermediate Honours course was instituted, each term dealing with aseparate topic, taken by a different teacher.

And so, in October 1919, at the age offorty-seven, Kemp Smith succeededhis old teacher in the Edinburgh Chair ofLogic and Metaphysics, conscious of its historie traditions and resolved to be worthy of the succession. Looking back in later life on his long occupancy of it, extending over twenty-six years, he must have felt that his ambitions had been realized. On the rostrum, as an exponent of philosophy, few could equal hirn, and his ascendancy over the large Ordinary dass, numbering between two and three hundred, was complete.

Murphy, in the letter quoted above, in words reminiscent of the closing lines of the Phaedo: I was never a disciple of Kemp Smith's doctrines, where he had doctrines to offer as, for example, in Prolegomena to an Idealist Theory of Knowledge. But in the way in which Socrates had disciples I am pro ud to count myself in that category and to say, in gratitude and deep affection, that 'of all the men of his time whom I have known he was the wisest and justest and best'. A. J. D. P. 11. Divine Existence A PERSONAL RECOLLECTION R.

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