By Frank Bolz Jr., Kenneth J. Dudonis, David P. Schulz

The ebook got here out in 2002 and used to be definitely written sooner than the occasions of September 2001. definitely turns out germane these days. It attempts to systematically examine terrorism. Its factors and its strategies. keep in mind that, while I flip to the index and lookup hijacking, not one of the book's cases check with the potential of kamikazes. this is often how we will be able to inform that it was once written prior to September 2001.The booklet is generally excited about counterterrorism tools, in fact. a lot of this very suitable. sensible suggestion that may be taken whatever the ideologies of the terrorists. There aren't any actual surprises the following when it comes to innovations. although the ebook does have a few insightful anecdotes approximately genuine occasions.

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The whole effort presents opportunities for reviewing the plan, and altering or updating where required. Terrorist Tactics To establish a meaningful defense plan requires knowledge of what is being defended. The four most important tactical operations involving terrorists are, in order of relative frequency: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bombings Assassinations and assaults Kidnapping Hostage-taking/skyjacking/barricade situations Bombings are the most frequent, accounting for as much as 80% of terrorist-related violence.

In general, bomb incidents fall into three categories: 1. The bomb threat 2. A suspicious package or actual explosive device 3. An explosion The most difficult of the three to deal with in terms of planning and developing procedures for a bomb defense plan is the bomb threat. The threat embraces so many variables that there is virtually no guaranteed defense against it. More often than not, the intended target will receive notification that a bomb or explosives have been planted, with the target then informing a law enforcement agency.

Witness the decades-, if not centuries-old animosity between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, Armenians and Turks, Turks and Greeks in Cyprus, virtually every group in the Balkans, the Tamils and the Sinhalese, Sikhs and Hindus in South Asia, to name just a few. Thus, the key component in determining who may pose a terrorist threat to a company, organization, or locality is identifying anyone who may be able to conjure grievances, however far-fetched or historically remote they may seem.

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