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63 The movement furthered with enthusiasm by Ambrose and Siricius was in full accord with the ascetic ideals of the age. 64 The third and seventh books of Clement's Miscellanies are documents of the first importance for understanding the origins of Christian asceticism. , V I , 3. 62 Siricius, Ep. D. , X I I I , 1184B). Cf. J e r o m e , c. Iovin, I, 34. For a full account of the development of clerical celibacy see H . Leclercq's article "Celibat" in Diet, d'archiol. chrit. etde liturgie, I I , 2 (1910), cols.

3 You ought not, therefore, to repay opposition with 94 Cf. M a t t . 5:44. 95 M a t t . 5:25. 97 Cf. Didache, 2 : 1 ; Ep. , 19:4. 98 I I Maccabees 5:21 (of Antiochus Eplphanes). 99 Herodotus, 7:54. 1 Gen, 1:28; 9:1. 3 Ex. 21:24. 96 M a t t . 5:16. 2 Gen. 1:29; 9:3. ON MARRIAGE 57 4 opposition. If he tells the thief to restore fourfold, you ought even to give something to the thief. Similarly again, you who oppose the command "Thou shalt love the Lord" 5 ought not to love the God of the universe at all.

V , 15:1. Clement draws this section, with the quotation from Theophrastus, from Apollonius, Mirabilia, 4 6 . 67 M a t t . 8:22; L u k e 9:60 (not ascribed to Philip). 5^ CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA when the Lord killed his passions, and he began to live unto Christ. We also mentioned the blasphemous immorality of Carpocrates. But when we spoke about the saying of Nicolaus 68 we omitted to say this. Nicolaus, they say, had a lovely wife. When after the Saviour's ascension he was accused before the apostles of jealousy, he brought his wife into the concourse and allowed anyone who so desired to marry her.

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