By Joseph Smith Jr.

Considered as sacred scripture via thousands, the "Book of Mormon" - first released in 1830 - is among the most important files in American spiritual heritage. Now on hand in paperback, supply Hardy's new "Reader's Edition" has reformatted the entire, unchanged 1920 textual content within the demeanour of contemporary translations of the Bible, with paragraphs, citation marks, poetic varieties, topical headings, multichapter headings, indention of quoted files, italicized reworkings of biblical prophecies, and minimized verse numbers. He has additionally supplied a hypothetical map in response to inner references, an essay on "Book of Mormon" poetry, an entire word list of names, genealogical charts, a simple bibliography of Mormon and non-Mormon scholarship, a chronology of the interpretation, eyewitness money owed of the Gold Plates, and knowledge concerning the misplaced 116 pages, and critical adjustments within the textual content. The editorial aids and footnotes during this version supply readers with a transparent consultant via this complex textual content. New readers will locate the tale available and intelligible; Mormons will achieve clean insights from standard verses noticeable in a broader narrative context.

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This can be an actual replica of a publication released prior to 1923. this isn't an OCR'd e-book with unusual characters, brought typographical mistakes, and jumbled phrases. This booklet could have occasional imperfections reminiscent of lacking or blurred pages, terrible images, errant marks, and so on. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought by way of the scanning strategy.

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194 f. 1S) H opkins, JA O S . 36, p. 264, n. 21. , p. 159 f . ; see also p. 127. , p. 39 f. 18) T h is feature in V isnu’s character will be discussed in section V II, etc. 1B) I t would perhaps be well to discuss here also the interesting passages QB. 13, 5, 4, 28; QänkhQS. 16, 9, 25-32; ÄpQS. 20, 23, 11 m entioning the anim al sacrifices of the seasons. g. in the rainy season the victims are sacred to P arjanya, or to the M a ru ts ; it is likewise natural that the weathergod p ar excellence, Indra, is remem bered in three or four o f the six periods o f the year.

1) are very remarkable, the three strides being a characteristic of Visnu. 12) Säyana takes stanayitnu- in the sense of “thunder-cloud”. thunder and lightning see: Hopkins, JA O S. 16, p. ; the same, JA O S. 36, p. ; Oldenberg, Religion des Veda, p. ; H . M. 1935, p. I l l and elsewhere, etc. g. W . Eberhard, Chinese festivals-,- N ew York 1952, p. 88; H. H . Diephuis, Naturkräfte und ihre Verehrung in der altrömischen Religion, Thesis Utrecht 1941, p. cs alsdann gar nicht befremdend, dass der Blitzgott eng mit der Göttin der V ege­ tation verbunden ist”.

37; p. 48 (lightning striking in the corn-field is an event regarded as the acme of fertilization). e. 18) See J. H . H utton, T h e Sema N agas, London 1921, p. 196; 256 f . ; cf. also R. E. Enthoven, T h e folklore of Bombay, O xford 1924, p. 76 f . ; N. E. P arry , T he Lakhers, London 1932, p. ; J. P . Mills, T he L hqta N agas, London 1922, p. 165. g. be found in S. Hum m el, Geheimnisse tibetischer Malereien, Leipsic 1949, p. 3 ff. g. Eliade, Techniques du yoga, P aris 1948, p. 206 f. ®°) I refe r to A .

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