By Allen Rucker

One Tuesday afternoon Allen Rucker, Hollywood comedy author and relations guy, wakes from a sleep to discover himself paralyzed from the waist down. stunning? certain. Unfair? completely. truth? Inescapably. Rucker is shaken up and indignant, yet quickly realizes he is caught in a wheelchair ceaselessly. He starts off to reevaluate every little thing in his existence, from the best physically features to the mysteries of the universe. fortunately, he is invited us alongside at the bumpy, poignant, and infrequently hilarious highway to restoration that leads him to fully redefine his existence.

the simplest Seat in the home is Rucker's unpretentious, unapologetic, refreshingly comedian, and powerfully heartfelt paean to existence and its fragility, and to the resilience and flexibility of a unmarried, general, very humorous individual.

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I’d reach down under the sheets and pinch or slap my leg, hard. Nothing. This was always a blow. It got to the point that I dreaded going to sleep because I dreaded waking up and feeling my dead legs. Alone, in the dark, in my hospital bed—that’s when I really knew what was going on. That’s when the true sadness began. Not that I slept much anyway. For weeks, I didn’t know how to sleep. Sleeping on my back, arms at my side, like Dracula in his coffin, seemed the easiest way, but paralytics need to shift body position every two hours to avoid the dreaded bedsore.

The person remains as paralyzed as he or she was when the inflammation first presented itself. 23 THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE This information instantly cheered us up. We were elated to know that, A, I wasn’t going to die from this, at least not directly; and B, with any luck, I’d walk again, either with or without a zippy-looking handmade Highlands walking stick. Hey, I said to myself, I was in the top one-third on my high school SAT scores. Surely I can do as well on the SAT of life. It was only after an exhaustive battery of late-night tests that the doctors could be sure of this diagnosis.

TM has also been associated with underlying autoimmune disorders like MS, lupus, and sarcoidosis. According to Dr. Rovner, if it’s a virus, it’s usually one occurring in the upper respiratory or gastrointestinal area. Why such a bug would then move to the spine and cause all this havoc, no one knows for sure. And it’s usually long gone from your system before the initial inflammation occurs. Or it might not be a virus at all, at least directly. It might just be something that looks like a virus, something that metabolically mirrors the makeup of a virus, a faux-viral protein.

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