By Aldous Huxley

Either a record and a instruction manual The artwork of Seeing files Aldous Huxley's victory over near-blindness and information the straightforward workouts an individual can stick to to enhance eyesight. utilizing the strategy devised by means of Dr. W. H. Bates, "the pioneer of visible education," as Huxley referred to as him, and heeding the recommendation of Dr. Bates' disciple, Margaret D. Corbett, Aldous Huxley conquered a imaginative and prescient challenge that had plagued him for greater than 1 / 4 century.

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In the early stages, there is generally a rather long interval between the act of sensing and the act of perceiving. Several seconds may elapse before the person can say what he has seen. The psychological barrier interposed by strain between the eyes and the mind has been lowered, indeed, but not yet completely eliminated. But as time goes on the interval is progressively shortened, until at last sensing and perceiving take place as they normally should, almost simultaneously. TECHNIQUES OF FLASHING Flashing, like swinging, can be practised during the activities of everyday life.

There is every reason to suppose that, physiologically, the eyes are so constructed that they can tolerate illuminations of very high intensity. Why, then, do so many people in the contemporary world experience discomfort when exposed to light even of relatively low intensity? REASONS FOR THE FEAR OF LIGHT There seem to be two main reasons for this state of things. The first is connected with the silly craze for shutting out the light, described in an earlier paragraph. Medical alarmists and the advertisers, who exploit the opinions of these learned 29 gentlemen for their own profit, have convinced large sections of the public that light is harmful to the eyes.

Note, as you walk or travel by car or bus, the approach and passing of trees, houses, lamp-posts, pavements. Indoors, when you turn your head, be conscious of the way in which near-by objects move across more distant objects. By becoming conscious of the seeming mobility of the environment, you increase the mobility of the eyes and mind and so create the conditions for better vision. OTHER AIDS TO MOBILITY Swinging is of fundamental importance in the re-establishment of normal visual 37 functioning, and should be practised as much as possible.

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