By Nicholas Awde;Putros Samano

Ever higher numbers of individuals are beginning to study Arabic, whereas much more have a few touch with the Arab international. a person who needs to benefit the language faces the hitherto bold preliminary challenge: the alphabet. This ebook proceeds step by step via the entire letters of the Arabic alphabet, displaying the sounds they stand for and the way they're mixed into phrases. not anything crucial is passed over, yet no pointless issues are further. Readers will locate that growth is fast and may be stunned on the relative ease with which they grasp the 1st steps in studying this more and more very important international language.

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Examples: (miim) is another connector, with four ~onns: Basically , it ~onsists of a flattened circle, with a descendmg tall that appea~ only in the final position. In some handwriting sty~es, and even tn some typefaces, the circle is filled in, and looks hke a large dot . The forms are: ...... Medial .. 4 Final r . net The Leners Isolated J r ~:~~:the variation in forms , look at the fo llowing string of miim r• ,. IS really quite flexible . Reminder about pronunciation The letter mUm has the same sound as the English letter m .

LI .. The definite article in Arabic-in other words, the word 'the' - ;s ... l or ... JI It is written attached to the word following it, which is why. in most transliterations, it is represented as 01•.. Here. are some examples of words with and without the defimte article: In the isolated form, laam·'alif gives the sound /aa , which in Arabic is the word for ' no'. Examples: ~ ~1 - ~~ UU .. boob door al·boab the door ~jJl ~J ",:,jAJl ",:,:j. 1 .. net The utters When attaching the definite article to the word that follows it, we have to take account of the fact that the letters of the Arabic alphabet are divided into two categories, 'sun letters' and ' moon letters'.

Make sure to pro nounce it when this happens. ~ ~ huwa he hiya sbe . '" ,- ;~~ mustUladah help. aid allah God " '.. ~~~;,~.. 11 This is a good place to recall the letter (00' marbuuTa , which we mentioned earlier (see chapter 2). The (iUJ' marbuuTa is basically just a letter haa' with two dots added over it (just like the two dots of the letter taa '). In general, thetaa ' marbuuTa isa sign that a word is grammatically femi nine . It can occur only at the end of a word. When a word with taa' marbuuTa is pronounced in isolation, there is no tsound, and it is as if the word ended with a simple haa'.

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