By Steven Ozment

Examines the Protestant Reformation, its philosophical and theological matters, and the interplay of spiritual, social, and political alterations.

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American Catholics: A History of the Roman Catholic Community in the United States (Galaxy Books)

Written by means of one of many most effective historians of yankee Catholicism, this booklet provides a entire historical past of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States from colonial instances to the current. Hennesey examines, specifically, minority Catholics and advancements within the western a part of the USA, a zone usually ignored in spiritual histories.

The Reformation Experience: Life in a Time of Change

An intensive research of the Reformation, analyzing its roots via its higher eu impacts and targeting what it intended to the person Christian of that day There are many sound histories of the Reformation within the old-fashioned with its choice for concepts and theologians. Taking a new method, this advisor exhibits how it came to the person Christian and what it intended.

The Early Stuart Church, 1603–1642

The early Stuart Church turned a battlefield for rival visions of English society. Fincham's number of essays grapples with contentious concerns within the interpretation of early British background together with the character of the protracted English Reformation, the existing theology and ethos of the reformed English church, the position performed in church and society by way of the 1st Stuart monarchs, and the origins of the political and non secular upheavals of the seventeenth century.

John Henry Newman: A Portrait in Letters

John Henry Newman was once some of the most eminent of Victorians and an highbrow pioneer for an age of doubt and unsettlement. His instructing reworked the Victorian Church of britain, but many nonetheless need to know extra of Newman's own lifestyles. Newman's published correspondence runs to 32 volumes, and John Henry Newman: A Portrait in Letters deals a manner throughout the maze.

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The Trial ofJeanne d'Arc, trans. W. P. Barrett (New York, 1932),320-21. 21. "Spiritus sanctus est amor sive charitas, qua nos diligimus Deum et proximum; quae charitas cum ita est in nobis, ut nos faciat diligere Deum et proximum, tunc Spiritus sanctus dicitur mitti vel dari nobis; et qui diligit ipsam dilectionem qua diligit proximum, in eo ipso Deum diligit, quia ipsa dilectio Deus est, id est, spiritus sanctus" (I Sent. d. 17, art. 2, p. 54). 22. See Paul Vignaux, Luther, Commenteur des Sentences (Paris, 1935).

The Fall into Sin. Lucas Cranach the Elder. Before they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve were completely at peace with themselves, their maker, and nature. Through the calm beauty of EdenCranach conveys to the viewer a sense of impending doom as Adam and Eve proceed to transgress God's commandment. Aristotle and Phyllis. Urs Graf. The subordination of man's will and desires to his reasonthe hierarchical ordering of the soul's faculties-was both a classical and a Christian ideal.

Against the Scotist axiom "Nothing created must, for reasons intrinsic to it, be accepted by God," Auriole argued that God could only be present where grace and love were present: "Love is the cause of divine acceptance by its very nature and of necessity" (Caritas est ratio acceptationis ex natura rei et de necessitate). 36 As iniquity was intrinsically despicable to God and repelled him, love was intrinsically agreeable and attracted him. By nature God inclined to all who possessed and evidenced his grace; he loved people only as they were themselves beautiful.

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