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1996) Imhoff et al. sodmen | ATCC 51195 | DSM 9895 Genus IX. Roseospira VP 69 Roseospira mediosalina VP (T) Imhoff et al. 1998 – L1-66 , AJ000989 | BN 280 Roseospira marina VP Guyoneaud et al. 2003 – ATCC BAA-447 | CE2105, AJ298879 | DSM 15113 Roseospira navarrensis VP Guyoneaud et al. 2003 – ATCC BAA-448 | DSM 15114 | SE3104, AJ298880 Genus X. Skermanella VP Skermanella parooensis VP (T) (Skerman et al. 1983) Sly and Stackebrandt 1999 <- Conglomeromonas largomobilis subsp. paroon | DSM 9527 | UQM 2042 Genus XI.

Chloroflexaceae" Genus I. aurant | ATCC 29366 | DSM 635 Chloroflexus aggregans VP Hanada et al. aggreg | DSM 9485 Genus II. Chloronema AL Chloronema giganteum AL (T) Dubinina and Gorlenko 1975 Genus III. Heliothrix VP Heliothrix oregonensis VP (T) Pierson et al. 1986 – IS/F-1 Genus IV. Roseiflexus VP Roseiflexus castenholzii VP Hanada et al. 2002 – HLO8, AB041226 | DSM 13941 | JCM 11240 Family II. Oscillochloridaceae VP 38 Genus I. Oscillochloris VP (T) Oscillochloris chrysea VP (T) Gorlenko and Pivovarova 1989 Oscillochloris trichoides VP Gorlenko and Korotkov 1989 Order II.

Thermomicrobiaceae VP Genus I. Thermomicrobium AL (T) Thermomicrobium roseum AL (T) Jackson et al. roseum | DSM 5159 Thermomicrobium fosteri AL Phillips and Perry 1976 – ATCC 29033 Phylum BVIII. "Nitrospira" 40 Class I. "Nitrospira" Order I. "Nitrospirales" Family I. "Nitrospiraceae" Genus I. Nitrospira VP Nitrospira marina VP (T) Watson et al. 1986 – ATCC 43039 Nitrospira moscoviensis VP Ehrich et al. 2001 41 – NSP M-1, X82558 | DSM 10035 Genus II. ferro3 Leptospirillum ferriphilum VP Coram and Rawlings 2002 – P3a | ATCC 49881, AF356829 | DSM 14647 Leptospirillum thermoferrooxidans VP Hippe 2000 – INMI L-88 Genus III.

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