By Dr Stanislav Shmelev, Professor Irina Shmeleva, S. Shmelev, I. Shmeleva

Sustainability research  provides a detailed exploration of present environmental pondering from a number of views, together with institutional and mental angles. Primarily concentrating on macroeconomic regulations and green nationwide accounting, this booklet offers a powerful foundation for extra learn in sustainable improvement.

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The Smith doctrine on the value of services: The labour of some of the most respectable orders in society is, like that of the menial servants, unproductive of any value, and does not fix or realize itself in any permanent subject, or vendible commodity, which endures after labour is past, and for which an equal quantity of labour can be procured. The sovereign, for example, with all the officers both of justice and war who serve under him, the whole army and navy, are unproductive labourers. […] In the same class must be ranked both some of the gravest and most important, and some of the most frivolous professions; churchmen, lawyers, physicians, men of letters of all kinds; players, buffoons, musicians, 32 Anthony Friend opera-singers, opera-dancers, etc.

Each actor may modify or change her mental map and ideological orientation in response to ongoing development dialogue and other experiences. The presently dominant perspectives may be further strengthened as a result of all these processes at micro level, or lose support to competing perspectives. 5 Ideological features of mainstream neoclassical economics We have previously argued that neoclassical economics as a science is specific in ideological terms. Alternatives to neoclassical economics, such as some version of institutional economics, social economics, or even sustainability economics, are equally specific in ideological terms.

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