By Silvano Martello

A suite of papers surveying contemporary growth within the box of Combinatorial Optimization. issues tested comprise theoretical and computational features (Boolean Programming, Probabilistic research of Algorithms, Parallel machine types and Combinatorial Algorithms), famous combinatorial difficulties (such because the Linear project challenge, the Quadratic task challenge, the Knapsack challenge and Steiner difficulties in Graphs) and extra utilized difficulties (such as community Synthesis and Dynamic community Optimization, unmarried Facility position difficulties on Networks, the automobile Routing challenge and Scheduling Problems).

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C. Unrelated processors The case of unrelated processors is the most difficult. (For example it makes no sense to speak about unit -length tasks). Hence, no polynomial-time optimiza- Selected topics in scheduling theory 29 Fig. 6. 1];a processor shared schedule (a) and an optimal one (b). tion algorithms are known for problems other than preemptive ones. Also, very little is known about approximation algorithms for this case. Some results have appeared in [791, but the obtained bounds are not very encouraging.

Problem 1 (lLmxmay be solved by the EDD rule in O(n logn) time, but introducing different ready times makes the problem NP-hard in the strong sense [ 1 121. 591 by slightly modifying the EDD rule. , Of course taking into account Fig. 1 and the relation between the C, and L , criteria, we see that all the problems that are NP-hard with the C, criterion remain NP-hard with the L,, one as well. For example P 2 ( 1 L , is NP-hard. On the other hand, unit processing times of tasks make the problem easy and PI pi = = 1, ';.

1. First fit (FF). Each task is assigned to the earliest time slot in such a way that no resource (and processor) limits are violated. 2. First fit decreasing (FFD). A variant of the first algorithm applied to a list ordered in nonincreasing order of (r, T), where r-( T ) = max{r,( T)/rn, : :1

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