By Peter Hannan

A number of superheroes you may have most likely by no means heard of . . . Oh Yeah! Donny Dazzle, the recognized song manufacturer, is popping the large Goofballs into tremendous rock stars! Oh No! in the meantime, the superevil sizeable undesirable Blob of Blah desires to wipe out the goofballs' tremendous weirdness eternally and rework them into a military of Blecchh-powered robots! Oh Nooooooooooooo!

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He looked something like a gigantic pile of soft-serve ice cream. More like soft-serve fleshcolored mayonnaise, only even less appetizing. This was obviously the same guy I had seen in the dark car. The same glowing red eyes now peered out from deep inside the folds of his fantastically flabby face. “Wow,” I said. ” I said. “See, now that’s exactly what I mean,” he said in a voice that was much, much lower now—lower than the lowest note on a piano. “It’s wee-erd that you even know that after going through deweirdification.

30 CHAPTER 9 The Man of the House usic pumped through a sound system, and it thumped bass deep down into our chests. Sonny Slick stepped from behind a gold curtain. Everything about him was slick: slick hair, slick jacket, slick pants, slick tie, and slick sunglasses. You heard me—slick. “Goofballs-plus-Ferret! Goofballs-plus-Ferret! Glad-ta-meet-cha! ” he said. He said that he M would transform us all into superstars and we’d perform a concert tonight for some grand guests in his grand ballroom.

Because it definitely does not feel good! ” said Granny. ” asked Tubesock. ” asked Wonder Boulder. ” said Super Vacation Man. ” I heard the highpitched screech of a drill on metal. Something was drilling its way through the back of my TV helmet! The helmet rattled and vibrated, and the sound was amplified a hundred times until it seemed like it was coming from inside my head. And that was the last thing I heard. 44 CHAPTER 11 Am I Dead? t first I thought I was. But then I realized that, although I’d never been dead before, dead people don’t hurt all over.

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