By Dr. Akira Hasegawa, Prof. Dr. Tetsuya Sato (auth.)

During the 30 years of house exploration, very important discoveries within the near-earth surroundings corresponding to the Van Allen belts, the plasmapause, the magnetotail and the bow surprise, to call a number of, were made. Coupling among the sunlight wind and the magnetosphere and effort move strategies among them are being pointed out. area physics is obviously imminent a brand new period, the place the emphasis is being shifted from discoveries to figuring out. a method of deciding on the hot path will be present in the new contribution of atmospheric technological know-how and oceanography to the advance of fluid dynamics. Hydrodynamics is a department of classical physics within which very important discoveries were made within the period of Rayleigh, Taylor, Kelvin and Helmholtz. even though, fresh growth in worldwide measurements utilizing man-made satellites and in huge scale laptop simulations performed via scientists within the fields of atmospheric technology and oceanography have created new actions in hydrodynamics and produced vital new discoveries, similar to chaos and unusual attractors, localized nonlinear vortices and solitons. As house physics methods the recent period, there might be no it is because area scientists can't give a contribution, in an identical demeanour, to basic discoveries in plasma physics during figuring out dynamical techniques in house plasmas.

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5) This result shows that the total current is given by the diamagnetic current. It also shows that the perpendicular current does not flow in the direction indicated by VB or the curvature drifts of particles but flows in the direction of B X V p, which depends on the direction of the gradient of the total plasma pressure. This fact is particularly important in considering the current in the magnetosphere or in the tail. 10). In the absence of plasma flow, Eq. 10) gives the equilibrium (force balance) condition, JXB=Vp.

Hence, finding a "selfconsistent" magnetic field configuration becomes, in general, a nonlinear problem. 9. In a stationary plasma without an external force (other than the magnetic field), the internal currents are given by the magnetization current J M , the curvature current J R and the V'B current J B • For simplicity, let us first assume that the plasma has an isotropic Maxwellian distribution. 3) b. 4) Hence, when J R , JB and J M are added together, J R cancels with the second term of J M and J B cancels with the third term of J M leaving only the first term in JM, thus J = JM + JR + JB = -Vp X b B.

Nv 2v] 2 )- -2--a-t + \7. (nv). 2), we have __ 1 mjnv. dv dt =~[mjnv2]+\7. [m jnv2v]. 18) The first term on the right hand side of Eq. 15), v . (J X B) = J. (B X v) = J . E a 1 B2 = - - \ 7 ·(EXB)- - ( - ) . 6), v . \7 p = \7 . (vp) - p \7 . v = \7 . (vp) + p = \7 ·(vp)+ ! en n ~ ~£n { dt p ~"o(vp)+ ~[ ~i +vo"p]. Hence v·\7p=\7· [~]+ ~[-p ]. 20) 23 Combining Eqs. Lo ,-I Here the first term is the kinetic energy associated with the plasma flow, the second term is the magnetic field energy and the third term is the expansion energy under the adiabatic assumption.

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