By N. B. Brandt, S. M. Chudinov, Y. G. Ponomarev

``Semimetals'' provides, for the 1st time within the literature, a constant and unifying remedy of semimetals (As, Bi, Sb, Bi-Sb alloys, graphite and its compounds). It describes their structural beneficial properties and their electrical, magnetic, galvanomagnetic, thermoelectric, optical, magneto-optical, acoustic, thermal, and mechanical homes at the foundation of contemporary recommendations of the electron and phonon power spectra. The ebook discusses intimately the nature of the alterations within the strength spectrum and houses of semimetals as a result of temperature diversifications, software of a magnetic box, strain, anisotropic pressure, doping via donor, acceptor and impartial impurities, which point out how the above houses could be altered and the way fabrics with preassigned parameters might be produced. moreover, it discusses particular phenomena linked to low dimensionality and the very low service density, corresponding to quantum oscillations and magnetoplasma behaviour

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0557 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28 Mechanical properties of graphite and carbon materials Nicholson and Bacon (1977) have successfully used pairwise potentials to describe interactions with second-nearest out-of-plane neighbours (r = r5, see table 1). The force constants for the graphite lattice were evaluated by leastsquares fittings to all the experimental data available at the time, including those on the phonon spectrum, Raman scattering and elastic moduli. The force constants thus obtained for the various models are presented in table 3.

Then the force constants μ, /c, μ', k' used in the latter model are expressed in terms of the nonzero matrix elements in table 1 as follows: k = Al9 fc' = C4, μ= iBl = -%A2 = 4B2 = $^/3D2, μ' = 2lCl = -9C 2 . (25) In the Nicholson-Bacon model, the elastic moduli cn and c66 are expressed through the force-constant tensor components: cn = F + — / l — K3A, + Bt) + (6A2 + 18B2) + (12A3 + 4B3) 2^/3c0 + (3A'5 + fl'5)], c66 = F + -JL-CMx + 3B,) + (18Λ2 + 6B2) + (4A3 + 12B3) 2yJ3c0 + (2Λ5 + 6B5) + (A's + 3fl'5)l where y/3[{Z + 2Q + \At)X2 +(Z + 2Q + 4P)Y2 - 2(Z - 2Q)X7] 16c0l3ZQ + 4Λ4Ρ + (Z + 2β)(Λ4 + fP)] (26) Elastic moduli and force constants X = A1-B1- 21 2(A3 - B3) + 2(A5 - Bs) - 2(A'5 - B'5), Y = Al-B1-2(A3-B3)-2(A5-B5), Z = ^ + B , + A3 Q = A5+ +B3, B5, P = A'5+ B'5.

9. The Brillouin zone of graphite. 36 Energy spectrum of electrons and holes in graphite Fig. 10. Correspondence (dashed line) between the SWMC-model parameters y, and the interaction between the individual atoms in the graphite lattice. seven parameters: y0, yl5 y2, y3, y4, y5, and y6 =A9 which define the interaction energy of the various carbon atoms in the graphite lattice. 10. The seven-parameter model developed by Slonzewski, Weiss and McClure is now generally accepted and is commonly referred to as the SWMC-model.

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