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Robin Hood lived in Sherwood woodland. He robbed wealthy humans and gave the money to the bad. He used to be smart, powerful and courageous and had many adventures. He fought opposed to the grasping Sheriff of Nottingham and undesirable Prince John and defended the attractive girl Marian who enjoyed him. Robin Hood is an English folk-hero and the tales approximately him are all imagined to be real!

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I have another plan, My Lord,’ said the sheriff. ‘I will have a contest with bows and arrows. The winner will get a gold arrow. I know that Robin Hood will come. Everybody says that he is the best bowman in England. He will win the contest and take the gold arrow. ’ ♦ Robin and his men heard about the contest. The sheriff was right — they wanted to go. ‘You will have to stay at home, Robin,’ laughed Little John. ‘We want to win, and we are better than the sheriff's men. ’ ‘Be careful, Robin,’ said Marian.

Go now and tell the good abbot. ’ 26 The two men began to put on their clothes again. ‘No, no,’ said Robin. ‘You can give us your clothes too - and your horses. ’ The two men ran away and Robin Hood's men laughed for a long time. ’ said Little John. ‘This is more money than we gave him. ’ Chapter 13 Sir Richard of Lee Comes Back to the Forest The next day, Sir Richard arrived. ‘Robin, my good friend,’ he said, ‘I have your money, and I am also bringing one hundred arrows for you and your men. ’ ‘You are a good man,’ Robin answered.

Suddenly fifty strong men came out of the dark night and stood behind him. ’ said Robin. ‘Are you Prince John's man? Are the prince and his men here ? ’ ‘Perhaps my brother is not a brave man. But I am Richard, your king, and I wanted to meet the famous Robin Hood. I hear many good stories about you, Robin. And other people also tell me bad stories about my brother. I know that John gave your lands to the sheriff. ’ Chapter 16 The Last Adventure After his visit to Sherwood Forest, King Richard went back to London.

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