By Morgan Rice

“An motion packed fable bound to please fanatics of Morgan Rice’s past novels, besides enthusiasts of works similar to The Inheritance Cycle via Christopher Paolini…. enthusiasts of younger grownup Fiction will eat this most recent paintings by way of Rice and beg for more.”
​--The Wanderer, A Literary magazine (regarding upward thrust of the Dragons)

The no 1 Bestselling series!

RISE OF THE VALIANT is ebook #2 in Morgan Rice’s bestselling epic myth sequence KINGS AND SORCERERS (which starts with upward thrust OF THE DRAGONS, a unfastened download)!

In the wake of the dragon’s assault, Kyra is distributed on an pressing quest: to move Escalon and hunt down her uncle within the mysterious Tower of Ur. The time has come for her to benefit approximately who she is, who her mom is, and to coach and strengthen her particular powers. it is going to be a quest fraught with peril for a lady on my own, Escalon choked with risks from savage beasts and males alike—one that may require all of her energy to survive.

Her father, Duncan, needs to lead his males south, to the nice water urban of Esephus, to try to loose his fellow countrymen from the iron grip of Pandesia. If he succeeds, he'll need to trip to the treacherous Lake of Ire after which onto the icy peaks of Kos, the place there dwell the hardest warriors of Escalon, males he'll have to recruit if he has any probability of taking the capital.

Alec escapes with Marco from The Flames to discover himself at the run during the wooden of Thorns, chased by way of unique beasts. it's a harrowing trip during the evening as he quests for his fatherland, hoping to be reunited together with his relatives. while he arrives, he's surprised by way of what he discovers.

Merk, regardless of his larger judgment, turns again to assist the woman, and reveals himself, for the 1st time in his existence, entangled in a stranger’s affairs. he'll no longer forego his pilgrimage to the Tower of Ur, even though, and he reveals himself anguished as he realizes the tower isn't what he expects.

Vesuvius spurs his titanic as he leads the Trolls on their undertaking underground, trying to pass The Flames, whereas the dragon, Theos, has his personal certain venture on Escalon.

With its robust surroundings and complicated characters, upward push OF THE VALIANT is a sweeping saga of knights and warriors, of kings and lords, of honor and valor, of magic, future, monsters and dragons. it's a tale of affection and damaged hearts, of deception, ambition and betrayal. it's myth at its most interesting, inviting us right into a international that might stay with us eternally, one who will entice every age and genders.

Book #3 within the series--THE WEIGHT OF HONOR--is now additionally available!

“If you concept that there has been no cause left for dwelling after the tip of the Sorcerer’s Ring sequence, you have been improper. Morgan Rice has get a hold of what gives you to be one other excellent sequence, immersing us in a delusion of trolls and dragons, of valor, honor, braveness, magic and religion on your future. Morgan has controlled back to provide a powerful set of characters that make us cheer for them on each page.…Recommended for the everlasting library of all readers that love a well-written fantasy.”
--Books and film experiences, Roberto Mattos (regarding upward thrust of the Dragons)

“[The novel] succeeds—right from the start…. a high-quality fantasy…It starts off, because it may still, with one protagonist's struggles and strikes well right into a wider circle of knights, dragons, magic and monsters, and destiny.…All the trimmings of excessive fable are the following, from squaddies and battles to confrontations with self….A suggested winner for any who take pleasure in epic fable writing fueled through strong, plausible younger grownup protagonists.”
--Midwest publication assessment, D. Donovan, book Reviewer (regarding upward thrust of the Dragons)

“A plot-driven novel that’s effortless to learn in a weekend…A strong begin to a promising series.”
--San Francisco publication assessment (regarding upward thrust of the Dragons)

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Small fearspren—like globs of purplish goo—began to climb up out of the ground and gather around his feet. In a moment of sheer panic, he nearly dropped his spear and scrambled away. Dallet’s hand tightened on his shoulder. Looking up into Dallet’s confident black eyes, Cenn hesitated. ” Dallet asked. ” “If you don’t, you’ll end up with it running down your leg in battle, distracting you, maybe killing you. ” Embarrassed, Cenn handed Dallet his spear and relieved himself onto the stones. When he finished, he shot glances at those next to him.

The man’s helm was cracked, leaking Stormlight, and he stood protectively, defending the side with the broken plate. The king used a one-handed swing, reaching for the ceiling. Szeth immediately Lashed himself downward, judging that the king’s attack would leave him unable to get his sword back in time. Szeth underestimated his opponent. The king stepped into Szeth’s attack, trusting his helm to absorb the blow. Just as Szeth hit the helm a second time—shattering it—Gavilar punched with his off hand, slamming his gauntleted fist into Szeth’s face.

Szeth skipped to the side and Lashed himself to the ceiling as the Shardbearer’s Blade sliced into the wall. Feeling a thrill at the contest, Szeth dashed forward and attacked downward with an overhand blow, trying to hit the Shardbearer’s helm. The man ducked, going down on one knee, letting Szeth’s Blade cleave empty air. Szeth leaped backward as the Shardbearer swung upward with his Blade, slicing into the ceiling. Szeth didn’t own a set of Plate himself, and didn’t care to. His Lashings interfered with the gemstones that powered Shardplate, and he had to choose one or the other.

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