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American losses quickly mounted. , the battle was nearly over. Washington’s troops decided to retreat. But they could not escape without some type of cover from the unrelenting British attack. indd 52 5/22/13 1:54 PM needed cover. As gunfire whistled around them for three grueling hours, the Maryland 400 held off thousands of Great Britain’s best soldiers. The Maryland soldiers’ bravery allowed the remaining American troops to escape. None of the 400 turned and ran. Even the British marveled at the soldiers’ courage on the battlefield.

Georgia did not send delegates to the Second Continental Congress right away, but on July 8, 1775, Georgia decided to join the other colonies. Its delegates arrived in Philadelphia on July 20. Shortly after the First Continental Congress ended, towns throughout the New England colonies started shoring up their defenses. Some civilians began stockpiling weapons and ammunition. These militiamen also began training in groups. In March 1775, General Gage learned colonial militias had a substantial stash of weapons in Concord, Massachusetts, approximately 24 miles (39 km) west of Boston.

Eventually, however, the British overcame the Maryland 400. Most of the regiment was killed, wounded, or captured. However, the bravery of the soldiers ensured the survival of the newly formed Continental army. The surviving American troops escaped to the East River. The British had won what became known as the Battle of Long Island. General Howe did not order his men to pursue the Americans. He felt the Royal Navy could capture the remaining American troops at the river’s mouth. indd 53 5/22/13 1:54 PM ion Risk y Miss After the British surprise attack at the Battle of Long Island, General Washington realized he needed to know more about the British troops.

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