By Nina S., LUKOYANOVA, Marina A. & OSTROVSKII, Dmitrii N. PINCHOT, Gifford B. trans. GEL'MAN

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The presence of free fatty acids and lysophosphatides in some mitochondrial preparations is believed to be due to lipid degradation on disintegration of the cell (Ball and Joel, 1962). Lipids of Bacterial Membranes 45 What distinguishes the neutral lipid fraction of bacterial membranes from that of mitochondria? Bacterial membranes contain no cholesterol. , 1963; Argaman and Razin, 1965). According to Van Deenen (1964) and Van Deenen and Van Golde (1966), cholesterol stabilizes the various biological membranes by the formation of esters with the phospholipids.

1965). Similar observations have been made for S. aureus cells, where an increase in acidity of the medium increased the content of the lysine ester of phosphatidylglycerol (Houtsmuller and Van Deenen, 1965). Akamatsu et al. (1966) managed to obtain a fraction composed of fragments of the internal membranes of Mycobacterium ph lei. Diphosphatidylglycerol accounted for 50%, phosphatidylinositol oligomannosides for 37%, and phosphatidylethanolamine for 10% of the membrane phospholipids. Thus, the special features of the phospholipid composition of bacterial membranes include the rare occurrence of phosphatidylcholine, a variable ratio of phosphatidylethanolamine to phosphatidyglycerols, the presence of lipoamino acids and glycolipids, and also the variation of the quantitative and qualitative composition with the conditions of growth and age of the culture.

Megaterium. Recently, biochemical evidence of the connection of the DNA in B. subtilis with the membranous system has been obtained (Ganes an and Lederberg, 1955). According to Fuchs (1965), there is a connection between the position of the mesosomes in the cell and the division cycle, but there is no reliable information in support of the participation of mesosomes in the division of the nuclear substance. Malatyan's work (1963) on Fuuctions of Cytoplasmic Membrane and Membranous Structures 27 E.

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