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39 Being called by a name implies without further argument that Simmias participates in the Form of that name, and Crivelli’s reading cannot account for this. ” Attributive adjectives are those that make implicit reference to what is normal for some group. A baby elephant, for example, is small for an elephant, but large compared with many other groups. Relational adjectives are those that require that we fill in more than one place to get a complete expression. ” (Smyth 1920, §2069, emphasis added) Crivelli’s argument depends on claiming that his reading of the participle is the only correct one; if ambiguity is admitted in the way this participle functions, it supports my reading.

V. iii) Nehamas asserts without argument that πάντα (“everything”) must be restricted to incomplete predicates: Nehamas (1973, p. 472). 17 Terms of all kinds come up for discussion in Plato’s dialogues, although the most difficult to define naturally get the most attention. For examples see Irwin (1977, p. 134). ”18 Socrates in the Phaedo and Republic thinks souls are virtuous by being suitably related to various Forms — perhaps to Forms in general (Phaedo 81a), or perhaps to a Form for each virtue, and to the Form of the Good most of all (Republic 505a, 526d–e, 534c).

The proof of the soul’s immortality is carried out two pages later (105c–d). If there is no Form of Soul, then the safe answer is no longer valid when we reach 105c–d. But the text continues to invoke the safe answers all the way to 106d.

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