By Angus Konstam

A rollicking, in-depth examine the bloody global of pirates. Konstam sails throughout the brutal background of piracy, keeping apart fable from legend and truth from fiction. Pirates takes you into the depths of the pirate’s darkish international, analyzing the various colourful characters of the golden age of piracy. .

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Under cover of darkness a powerful force of Spanish troops lay hidden on board a hulk moored between the two fleets. As dawn rose on September 23, Hawkins spotted the hidden soldiers and ordered his ships to open fire. The Spanish immediately leaped ashore and overran the English garrison on San Juan de Ulúa—the island in Vera Cruz’s harbor where the ships were moored. Having captured the shore batteries the Spaniards turned their guns on the English. The battle that followed lasted all day, but it was clear that the situation facing Hawkins was a hopeless one.

This all started to unravel towards the end of the eleventh century. First came a catastrophic military defeat at the hands of the Turks at the battle of Manzikert (1071). This led to the loss of much of Asia Minor. Then came the Crusaders, who regarded the Greek Orthodox Byzantines as almost as much of a religious enemy as the Muslims they had crossed Europe to fight. By this time the most serious threat to Byzantine naval supremacy was seen as the Normans who occupied Sicily and southern Italy.

Eventually smaller regional audencias were created, administered by one of the two viceroys. qxb:GNM: Piracy 6/13/11 8:59 AM Page 42 PIRATES World, each ruled by a local governor. The audencia at Santo Domingo (Hispaniola) was already established to govern the larger Caribbean islands, and it duly fell under control of New Spain, along with the new audencias of Mexico (founded in 1527), Guatemala (1543), and New Galicia (Guadalajara—1548). The viceroyalty of Peru was responsible for the audencias of Panama (1538), Santa Fé de Bogotá (New Granada, now Colombia—1548), and Lima (Peru— 1543).

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