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Travels in a Strange State

Following "The Wind in My Wheels", Josie Dew recounts extra of her travels by way of bicycle. This time she describes a trip throughout the United States and Hawaii, on which she met a number of strange characters and skilled incidents which aroused a variety of feelings. in the course of her 8 months at the highway she observed race riots in l. a., suffered excessive warmth in demise Valley, and witnessed sexual tantric seminars in Hawaii.

The Translators Revived; A Biographical Memoir of the Authors of the English Version of the Holy Bible

The Translators Revived: A Biographical Memoir of the Authors of the English model of the Holy Bible by way of Alexander Wilson McClure is gifted right here in a top quality paperback version. This ebook used to be made out of a certified experiment of an unique version of the publication, which may comprise imperfections from the unique booklet or during the scanning procedure, and has been made from an version which we deliberate to be of the absolute best caliber on hand.


Reprint from the French version. 5 printings plus a ebook membership version. André Malraux (1901 - 1976) used to be a French adventurer, award-winning writer, and statesman. Having traveled largely in Indochina and China, Malraux used to be famous particularly for his novel entitled l. a. situation Humaine (Man's destiny) (1933), which gained the Prix Goncourt.

American Air Power Comes of Age: General Henry H. Hap Arnold's World War II Diaries, Vol. 2


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