By Frederick Field

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9 : : ere<ej/. ) TrpovOijo-Q) TOV ImpXtyai /ze 2. fucoy ndXiv TTpoa-ii. 5 Hebr. Vel per verbum /3Xe^o). commorantur, delitescunt. 2. o-vvriyovTo Xddpa. et adjectivum; ut 4 Reg. ii. 10: O eo~KXrjpwas TOV aiTrjo-ao-Oai. Anon, (qui proculdubio Sym machus est) Svo-KoXov 777770-00. Hieron. rem difficilem postukisti. OVKCTL dvaoTTJo-fTai. Jon. Psal. lv. 7 . : ; : . : : Pro duobus nominibus in regimine positis, quorum posterius juxta usum Hebraeum Sic qualitatem exprimit, Symmachus Graeco more nomen et adjectivum adhibet.

If ft Ezech. xxvii. 24. PpaOv Itlv, Ulfi xxiii. 7. Iii. (ri>) Ezech. xli. ii. O . 8apo>p 27. fiayaX xlvi. (s. ix. 13. 8. Jud. KaSrjplfjL) 22. xxxiv. 14. v. 21. ix. 2 7. 1 2, ix. 6. fiacrfpaaO) Lev. Ezech. xxvii. 24. 10. 4 Reg. Dan. 7. i ycfiiSeJ/z) xiii. Lev. xxv. 10. Jesai. Ixvi. 3. ai>aa (s. /yXoA5) Anon. 4 Reg. iMp, Jesai. xix. 13. A. 2. 0. Zach. Jesai. xl. 15. (s. A. 2. 0. Jerem. xxxviii. 2. 1 24. xliv. 18. Reg. xxvi. i 13. 0. 4 Reg. Anon. Lev. xxv. Ezech. 2. Jesai. xix.

1755. \X11 Hf^ t& Job. xxxii. 19: atroh) 2. farfo, <V 1 N :!. 29: EEtfp xxii. O PI S. *ca2 oi>* vi. Midwvrro,. xviii. 7 O : c^am coy. 2. <*& . CTT Ezech. ^ NT?. "Q"T 2 2. /aiy. Jud. iirro^Tows. ^9. 13: O Psal. Ixxvii. 53:^ jca2 ac/>60cn;y V&T^? Amos 2. dKptrw. ^ <"* 2. WciXi iwrw. tyOaXpol npte ctyflaX/zow. 2- T-- Job. xxxiv. 6: <W<>coy. HEXAPLA ORIGENIS. IN 8 xii. Reg. Jesai. 2. aXoycoy. : 8 lii. 3? : 2. TroXXa- HirO) HjrG.

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