By Anouar Abdel-Malek, M. Gozalez

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3(a) In fact, it is a noticeably different process; there is a strong commitment to the elaboration of theory, particularly from 1960 onwards, once the principal cases have been studied; but this theorisation is conceived as the theoretical reflection of the question of the general mode in which societies (particularly the United States) function, embellished with certain local features whose role is essentially justificatory. In other words, the comparative analysis of national societies is not undertaken in order to support the concept of specificity - on the basis of a precise, concrete study of the specificity of each of them - but on the contrary, on the basis of the model of social maintenance and social The Army in the Nation 43 functioning which is then assumed to reproduce itself on a smaller scale in the different spheres of the non-Western world.

15 No better explanation could be found. Everything is discussed as if the specific role of the army were (intra-)military, detached (according to a The Army in the Nation 41 formalist analysis) from the power apparatus, within a classesnation-state complex; it is as if the military, estranged from this peculiar process of power, had suddenly become aware of their potential, turned their back on the old traditions and thrown themselves into an adventure or, at best, into an unprecedented activity.

Bernal and his 30 The Nation as Crucible companions, questioning the rights and the values of the scientists; it led towards international protests led by Joliot-Curie, Lengevin, Bertrand Russell, Oppenheimer and their colleagues. At the same time Needham's towering encyclopedic work Science and Civilisation in China, begun in 1947, revealed the continuous tradition in the great Oriental civilisations of considering man-in-society and his multifarious activities- man-as-scientist, as moral philosopher, as civic person and as individual- as one single unit, itself basically and irreversibly knit into the social fabric of the national cultural mould within its civilisational group.

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