By James M Tour

This ebook provides an in-depth dialogue on molecular electronics in an easy-to-understand demeanour, aiming at chemists, laptop scientists, floor scientists, physicists, and utilized mathematicians. Lighter overviews are supplied for the science-minded layperson and the excessive tech entrepreneur during this nanoscale technology. the writer has incorporated an in depth artificial chemistry treasure chest, protocols of self-assembling routes for bottom-up fabrication atop silicon systems, consultant current-voltage and reminiscence readouts from molecular units, and overviews of current architectural and mathematical methods to programming molecular computing machines. The funding and advertisement insertion panorama is painted besides a ''Who's Who'' within the molecular electronics company area. recommendation and forewarnings are supplied in a realistic but witty demeanour for the aspiring educational company founder and the company CEO wannabe trying to determine a excessive tech corporation whereas wading throughout the idiosyncratic morass of collage personalities and university-owned highbrow estate.

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Try as they might, the domain-lacking will spell corporate demise at the expense of time and money. Although many contacts will be initiated, no meaningful deal will close when the sphere-inexperienced is at the helm. Third, without the domain experienced person, sophisticated investors are likely to pass on the deal, regardless of the science, because they must be assured of a first rate domain-experienced senior officer. A field-proven CEO for molecular electronics would be a person that has spent several years in the high tech solid state silicon world, for example, but holds promise for a new technology-you certainly do not want a pessimistic, nay-saying, silicon-stiffnecked CEO leading a molecular electronics company.

The silylated alkynes showed good oxidative stability, however, upon protodesilylation, the tetramer 18 and octamer 21 were air sensitive and immediate work-up and further coupling was necessary to minimize oxidative decomposition of these terminal alkyne intermediates. Similarly, the P d C u coupling reactions to form 19 and 22 required the strict exclusion of oxygen; degassing and use of a dry box was required to attain reasonable yields. (b) K2C03,MeOH. 23°C. 5 rnd %), THF. 23 "C. 4 Synthesis of 16-mer.

Accordingly, the SEC recorded Mn values of the octamer 19 (Mn = 1610, actual MW= 1146) and 16-mer 22 (Mn = 3950, actual MW= 2218) were much greater than the actual MWs. 2) because they are in the low MW region, prior to significant polystyrene coiling. 2 could serve as a useful calibration chart for determining the MW of rigid rod polymers. 05 were within the detectable range limits. The Values of M. 2 The values of M, determned by SEC in THF (relative to polystyrene standards) versus the actual molecular weights of the monomer through 16-mer, 8, 13, 16, 19, and 22, respectively.

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