By Matsushima T.

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32. Mem Septofusidium W. Gams, 1971, Cephalosporium-artige Schimmelpilze ( Hyphomycetes ), G. Fisher : Stuttgart, p. 147. Type species : S. ) W. Gams, p.. 147-148. Ref Samson, R. , 1974, Stud. Mycol. ( Baarn ), 6 : 85-88. ** Matsushima, 1989, Mats. Myc. , 6 : 32, no. 0704. Icon F579 = Conidiophores and conidia of MFC-0P221, from CMA culture. 0972 Septomyrothecium uniseptatum Matsushima, 1971, Bull. Nat. Sci. Mus. Tokyo, 14 : 470. Teleomorph : Nectria septomyrotheciae Samuels, 1988, Brittonia, 40 : 326-328.

8 µm. ** MFC-0P111 on CMA - Colonies spreading, white, with sporodochia only on inocula. 0 µm. Ref Matsushima, 1971, Microfungi of the Solomon Islands and Papua - New Guinea, p. 54-55, no. 153. ** Matsushima, 1980, Mats. Myc. , 1 : 67, no. 0195. 0973 Septonema ochracea Matsushima, 1975, Icones Microfungorum A Matsushima Lectorum, p. 132, no. 453. Hab On decaying petioles of palma ; forest near Rio Momon, Loreto, Peru ; vi. 1991 ; MFC-1P384. Icon P517 & P518 = Conidia from CMA culture. 0974 Sesquicillium buxi ( Link from Fr.

On decaying broad-leaves-tree twigs ; forest, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Peru ; viii. 1991 ; MFC-1P454. 0966 Scolecobasidium humicola Barron & Busch, 1962, Can. J. , 40 : 83. Hab On decaying leaves of 'Oje' ( local name ) ; forest, Manu, Madre de Dios, Peru ; x. 1990 ; MFC0P532. ** On decaying twigs of a broad-leaved-tree ; forest near Rio Ampiyacu, Loreto, Peru ; x. 1992 ; MFC-2P565. 5 µm ; few with 2-3 septa, up to 13 µm long. Ref Matsushima, 1971, Microfungi of the Solomon Islands and Papua - Newe Guinea, p.

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