By Matsushima T.

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Hyphae vegetativae partim immersae, partim superficiales, ramosae, septatae, hyalinae ad pallide fuscae. 5 µm lata, pallide fusca. 5-4 µm latae et apice 2 µm latae, pallide ad modice fuscae, apice monoblasticae determinatae. Conidia elongate obclavata, recta, 2-8-septata, 16-77 µm longa, prope basim 5-8 µm lata, sursum ad 3-5 µm attenuata, sicca, infra pallide brunnea, supra hyalina, schizolytice secedentia. Hab In rhachidi folii putrescenti Roystoneae regiae Cook ; Escaleras de Jaruco, Cuba ; 5.

82 : 3-5. ** Dennis, R. W. , 1970, Fungus flora of Venezuela and adjacent countries, Kew, p. 416. => As Spondylocladium atrovirens : conidia 30-60 x 6-9 µm, 5-7-septate. ** Ellis, M. I. : Kew, p. 390. ** Matsushima, 1975, Icones Microfungorum A Matsushima Lectorum, p. 83-84, no. 282. , 1984, Hifomicetes Demaciaceos, Editorial Academia : Habana, Cuba, p. 108 & Fig. 89. Icon F388 = Conidiophores and conidia, from V8JA culture. 0497 Hemicorynespora mitrata ( Penzig & Saccardo ) M. B. Ellis, 1972, Mycol.

Typus = Cultura V8JA exsiccata, MFC-6T093. Icon F375 = Conidiophores and both spore-types, from V8JA culture. 0488 Exosporium ampullaceum ( Petch ) M. B. Ellis, 1961, Mycol. , 82 : 32-33. Helminthosporium ampullaceum Petch, 1922, Ann. Roy. bot. , Peradeniya, 7 : 319. Hab On a rotten stem of Phyllostachys edulis ; Chitou, Taiwan ; 6. iii. 1986 ; MFC-6T485. ** On inside of a fallen coconut shell ; Ping-Tung Agric. College campus, Ping-Tung, Taiwan ; 13. iii. 1986 ; MFC- 6T591. Descr On V8JA - Conidiophores 120-250 µm long, 8-12 µm wide, slightly inflated to 11-13 µm at the apex, generally monotretic, sometimes with one proliferation.

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