By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Committee on the Study of Live Fire Survivability Testing of the F-22 Aircraft

The reside fireplace attempt legislation mandates sensible survivability and lethality trying out of lined platforms or courses. A provision of the legislation allows the Secretary of safeguard to waive assessments if dwell fireplace trying out will be "unreasonably pricey and impractical." notwithstanding no waiver was once asked prior to the F-22 software entered engineering and production improvement, the protection division later requested that Congress enact laws to allow a waiver to be granted retroactively. instead of enact such laws, Congress asked a examine to discover the professionals and cons of full-scale, full-up trying out for the F-22 plane application. The ebook discusses the starting place of trying out specifications, evaluates the practicality, affordability, and cost-benefit of reside hearth checks, and examines the position of checking out, modeling, and knowledge bases in vulnerability evaluate.

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Normally, if a waiver is to be granted, the Secretary of Defense must act before a weapon system enters the phase of acquisition known as engineering and manufacturing development. The decision point for this phase is called Milestone II. Milestone II for the F-22 occurred in 1991 without a waiver being requested. In 1993, the Department of Defense, along with developing an alternative test plan, requested a change to the law that would permit the F-22 to be granted a retroactive waiver. That request prompted members of Congress to call for this study.

National Academy Press. F. 1994. Overview of the F-22 Program. , December 21. TAF (Tactical Air Force). 1991. Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) System Operational Requirements Document (SORD) TAF 304-83-I/II-A. March 1. (S/NF) Page 16 2 Origin of Testing Requirements This chapter discusses the legal requirements for live fire testing, the interpretations of those requirements within the Department of Defense (DoD), and the circumstances that led to the request for a retroactive waiver for the F-22.

Also, conduct further analysis of the tradeoffs associated with additional ordnance protection or defensive measures. Recommendation 4g. Fund the Joint Technical Coordinating Group on Aircraft Survivability and the Joint Live Fire Test Program to assure the completeness of data on the vulnerabilities of on-board ordnance. Recommendation 4h. Fund the proposed Joint Live Fire testing of F119 engine components to alleviate the paucity of testing against those components. Recommendation 4i. Emphasize continuing efforts by the F-22 System Program Office and the Joint Technical Coordinating Group on Aircraft Survivability to develop improved methodologies for reducing flight crew vulnerability.

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