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This publication is a replica of a quantity present in the gathering of the collage of Michigan Library. it truly is made out of electronic photos created during the Library's large-scale digitization efforts. The electronic photos for this e-book have been wiped clean and ready for printing via automated methods. regardless of the cleansing approach, occasional flaws should be current that have been a part of the unique paintings itself, or brought in the course of digitization, together with lacking pages.

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GRAMMATICAL DRILL 3 1. 2. 3. 4· 5. , , , Naakoyekola Llngala. nu. , , , , , Nayebl ndlnga na blnu. , , , Nayebl Anglals tee I , , , Ayebl. ngala. ng your language. I know your language. I don't speak Engllsh. sh. UNIT 2 LING A LA 7. , , , Aye b1. j.. , , , Bayok1. yo. I 8. Bayokl malamu. 9. , , , , Oyeb1. ngala malarnu. , , , , Oyebl Llngala na Franc;als. 6. 10. , , He knows you. They hear you. ne. e. ) You speak Llngala well. You speak Llngala and French. GRAMMATICAL DRILL 1. 2. 3. 4· 5. 6. 7.

Moball na ye azall na llbanga. , , , , Moball na ye azall llboso na , ndako. , , , , Bana ya Y9 bazall llboso , na ndako. , , , , Bana na yoI bazall kolamba , , nsoso. , , , , , , Basl bazall kolamba nsoso. UNIT Our mother wlII stay In the house. The small chlld wlIl stay In the house. The small chlld has a rock. Her husband has a rock. Her husband lS In front of the house. Your chlldren are In front of the house. Your chlldren are cooklng chlcken. The women are cook~ng chlcken. GRAMMATICAL DRILL 3 1.

T I speak French t00. I speak a Ilttle Llngala. They speak a Ilttle Llngala. 18 BASIC COURSE 7. , , , , Bayebl. malamu tee I , , , , , Toyokl. Y9 malamu tee I 8. , , , , Toyokl. yoI mokEt· 6. t very well. dn't understand you very well. We understood you partly. , , , Boyebl. Anglals moke. I , , , 10. Boyebl. malamu. You (pl. sh. 9. You (pl. t very well. GRAMMATICAL DRILL 2 ,, , , Nazall. na ndako ya ngal. , , , 2. Nazall. na ndako ya bango. ' ya bango. 3. Azall. mwana , , , mwana malamu. Azall.

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