By Virgine Linhart

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This is not the occasion for such a discussion. In the future dance of Awareness-Holder's manifestations, there might be a few who are certain to receive a transference of the transmission of the realized and who would be enthralled. It is in order to induce in those ones the clarity of confidence, that I have here set down, in letters, the masks of my realizations. In general, there are many ways of explicating radiant light. But this primordial inner field, known as the youthful vase body-which, despite the indeterminacy of the ground's situation, is ennobled by six special qualities when the ground-of-all's stains are purified-is the certain, secret, Great Perfection, the realization of the extraordinary heart-sphere.

When this sad perception was dispelled, inexpressible experiences and realizations were newly born. I also sang a song, remembering Father Lama. Sorrows are said to be the pyre for defilements; this is something amazing. As an example, even the sorrow of a mere dream came to be an envoy, inducing experiences and realizations. Thereafter, I regarded sorrows and negative comments as [the source of] great powers. 10. Then, again while sleeping for a bit, through the force of the blessing from realizing the heart-mind continuum, the conceptual thoughts of the ground-of-all woke as the Dharma body.

Everything in all of satpSara, nirv~a. and on the path is but a category based on an aspect that is only of one's own perception. Other than that, there's not even a hair that is truly established in the ultimate sense. If this is so, then even more delusive is the dream, whose apparitions, [the products of] residual propensities, are extremely hollow. As Santideva said, Life is like a dream. If you examine it thoroughly. it's [hollow] like the plantain. Thus the agent that makes the dreamlike receptacle of all phenomena enter into or reject merit or demerit is only karma and its maturation.

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