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How much total filtration is required for equipment operating above 70 kV? What is the primary purpose of filtration of the useful x-ray beam? How does added filtration affect the average energy of the x-ray beam? How does added filtration affect the minimum wavelength of the x-ray beam? What are the two ways used to express x-ray beam quality? The average energy is increased. Added filtration has no effect on the minimum wavelength of the x-ray beam. Because the primary x-ray beam is polyenergetic, the entrance dose is often significantly ________ than the exit dose.

Which of the following three types of personal radiation monitoring devices is most sensitive? What are the two weighting factors that are used to determine the Sievert? What combination of kV and mAs is recommended to decrease patient exposure? List at least three types of patient shields. What is the single most important way to reduce patient exposure? List three types of beam restrictors. The x-ray tube glass envelope and its insulating oil function as what kind of filtration? How much total filtration is required for equipment operating above 70 kV?

Which interaction between x-ray photons and matter is most likely to occur in high-density tissues like bone? What name is given to the ejected electron in the interaction pictured here? Which interaction between x-ray photons and matter involves most potential radiation hazard to personnel? Which interaction between x-ray photons in matter produces a characteristic ray? Which interaction between x-ray photons and matter is more likely to produce short-scale contrast? What component of personal dosimeters functions to evaluate radiation quality?

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