By Geoffrey Budworth

Knoten zum Segeln und Bootsfahren macht Spa?, fur den Angelhaken, mit denen guy Berge erklimmt, Hohlen erforscht, Campen geht oder gar zum Zauberer wird.

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Edwards or Frank James probably edited or rewrote many of these, because their style and historical references are unlikely for someone who completed only the fifth grade. In one letter, for instance, the outlaw bragged, “We are not thieves, we are bold robbers. . ” A dInneR InvITATIOn Following the fair robbery and throughout the winter of 1872–1873, the “bold robbers” laid relatively low. Frank James and Jim Younger allegedly went to California to check out reports of gold shipments coming out of San Francisco by rail.

In the wake of the Gad’s Hill robbery, one of these firms, the Adams Express Company, turned to the National Detective Agency for help. This agency, founded by Allan Pinkerton in Chicago, was the largest and most famous agency of its kind in the nation. “The Pinks,” as its agents were known, were smart, tough, and relentless. They had brought satisfaction to their clients in scores of cases. In this instance, however, they were unsuccessful. One of the first “Pinks” sent to find the Jameses met with a quick death.

SHAkInG sTOLen mOney AT THe CROWd There was no definite public sighting of the James boys until the summer of 1871. That June, they assembled a gang that probably consisted of themselves plus Cole and Jim Younger, Clell Miller, Jim White, and one other man. This group was put together to rob the Ocobock Brothers’ Bank in Corydon, Iowa. On the day of the crime, a well-known orator and clergyman, Henry Clay Dean, was in Corydon to give a speech. Almost the entire town assembled in the yard of the Methodist church to hear Dean’s views on a proposed railroad line that would pass through the town.

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