By Frances Ann Kemble

Many years after her marriage to a filthy rich American, the English stage-actress Frances Anne Kemble (1809-1893) moved together with her husband to his place of dwelling in Georgia, the place he had inherited plantations. There she stored a magazine of her surprising observations of the perform of slavery. Written over a interval of below 4 months, Kemble's magazine documents her day by day encounters along with her husband's slaves, and makes an attempt to show the ethical injustice of slavery. The magazine circulated privately between her acquaintances, yet used to be no longer released till 1863, lengthy after Kemble's divorce in 1849. Her booklet is credited with influencing Britain's place of neutrality throughout the American Civil struggle regardless of the cotton industry's lobbying in favour of the South. Kemble's magazine is still an enduring and demanding critique of slavery, and a priceless record in regards to the nineteenth-century American south.

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Slumkey could not have achieved more popularity A RESIDENCE IN GEOKGIA. 47 by his performances in that line than I, by this exhibition of feeling ; and had the question been my election, I am very sure nobody else would have had a chance of a vote through the island. But wisely is it said, that use is second nature ; and the contempt and neglect to which these poor people are used, make the commonest expression of human sympathy appear a boon and gracious condescension. While I am speaking of the negro countenance, there is another beauty which is not at all unfrequent among those I see here—a finely shaped oval face—and those who know (as all painters and sculptors, all who understand beauty do) how much expression there is in the outline of the head, and how very rare it is to see a well-formed face, will be apt to consider this a higher matter than any colouring of which, indeed, the red and white one so often admired is by no means the most rich, picturesque, or expressive.

It was all that I could do, and having enforced upon them all my earnest desire that they should keep their room swept, and as tidy as possible, I passed on to the other room on the ground floor, and to the two above, one of which is appropriated to the use of the men who are ill. They were all in the same deplorable condition, the upper rooms being rather the more miserable, inasmuch as none of the windows were glazed at all, and they had, therefore, only the alternative of utter darkness, or killing draughts of air, from the unsheltered casements.

Well, this task system is pursued on this estate; and thus it is that the two carpenters were enabled to make the boat they sold for sixty dollars. These tasks, of course, profess to be graduated according to the sex, age, and strength of the labourer; but in many instances this is not the case, as I think you will agree when I tell you that on Mr. 's first visit to his estates he found that the men and the women who laboured in the fields had the same task to perform. —and thus it had been on the estate for many years past.

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