By Andrew Cain

In 'Jerome and the Monastic Clergy,' Andrew Cain presents the 1st full-scale remark at the recognized Letter to Nepotian, during which Jerome articulates his radical plan for enforcing a strict ascetic code of behavior at the modern clergy. Cain comprehensively addresses stylistic, literary, ancient, text-critical and different problems with interpretive curiosity. Accompanying the statement is an advent which situates the Letter within the broader context of its author’s lifestyles and paintings and exposes its basic propagandistic dimensions. The revised severe Latin textual content and the hot facing-page translation will make the Letter extra available than ever sooner than and may supply a competent textual equipment for destiny scholarship in this key writing via essentially the most prolific authors in Latin antiquity.

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7 sed … ampliorem. 7 sed … ampliorem. 93 In his Historia calamitatum (p. 108 Monfrin) Peter Abelard, a great admirer of Jerome (see C. Mews, “Un lecteur de Jérôme au XIIe siècle: Pierre Abélard,” in Duval, 429–444), quotes “si adhuc”, inquit apostolus, “hominibus placerem, Christi servus non essem”. 1) in the context of recruiting the authority of the monk of Bethlehem, with whom he self-identifies as a fellow sufferer from slander (cuius me precipue in contumeliis detractionum heredem conspicio).

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