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For instance, a copper-ion Selectrode turned out to be more sensitive than an ISE previously produced. 5 mV, and the life-time is several months. Selectrodes with liquid ion exchangers and neutral carriers. Select­ rodes with liquid ion exchangers or chelates described by Ruzicka and coworkers [113,114,126,128] are easily prepared. Thus, a gra­ phite rod is impregnated by liquid exchangers under vacuum. In another method [119], a liquid exchanger is mixed with graphite powder and an insulating tube is filled with this mixture.

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Therefore, the task of CWE improvement is of great importance. The creation of CWEs having entirely reproducible and sufficiently stable potential seems to be quite possible, and it is worth seeking a solution of this problem. , 6, 125 (1984) Solid Contact ISEs 5. 3P - salt solubility product in water phase and in membrane phase, respectively EMF - electromotive force e - electron z - ion charge /Λ· i - i-ion chemical potential A* l - i-ion electrochemical potential (j - membrane electric conduction E - electric conduction activation energy PVC - Polyvinylchloride Val - valinomycin DOP - dioctylphthalate TDA - tetradecylammonium CWE - coated wire electrode ISFET - ion-selective field effect transistor 6.

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