By J. Hořejší

During this paintings i've got awarded a non-traditional creation to the idea of unification
of vulnerable and electromagnetic interactions. not like the standard textbook
treatments I describe the following intimately a derivation of the traditional version of electroweak
interactions in accordance with an easy program of the requirement of perturbative
renormalizability. an important for perturbative renormalizability is
supposed to be the corresponding ("unitary") behaviour of the tree-level Feynman
diagrams in high-energy restrict (a technical time period "tree unitarity" is often used for
such a situation in present li terature).

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For this reason we will not consider this scheme further, although from a technical point of view it represents a remarkable and instructive example of a renormalizable model of the unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions (the interested reader may find further details in the original paper [41 ] and also in [15] and [18]). e. where the "compensation" diagram for the considered process e- e+ -+ W- W+ corresponds to an exchange of a neutral spin-l particle with non-zero mass (the exchange of a massless particle would lead to a new type of long-range force which is not observed in nature); this· neutral vector boson will be denoted as Z .

We have thus arrived at the following remarkable statement concerning tree-level diagrams of binary processes within the framework of charged vector boson electrodynamics: Leading power divergences arising in the high-energy limit in tree-level diagrams involving both external and internal lines of vector bosons W± are eliminated for an arbitrary combination of the W± polarizations if and only if the corresponding electromagnetic interaction is of the Yang-Mills type . g. in the case of the considered process in Fig.

34) and also in tree-level diagrams for other processes. 1) will ultimately lead to recovering the standard GWS model [5, 6, 7] of electroweak interactions; introducing a neutral IYB is an important step in this direction. t Fig. 15. Vertex corresponding to the trilinear interaction WWZ. 3 Weak Neutral Currents Before a detailed discussion of the process e- e+ - t W- W+ , we will come back to a simpler case mentioned in Chapter 3, namely to the process vii - t W-W+. Let us consider again longitudinally polarized vector bosons W±.

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